Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tips for Buying Gifts for Children

Buying children’s gifts for birthdays, baby showers and the like can be challenging for some, but you can never go wrong with toys that provide new ways for children to learn and benefit from children’s songs. Whether the recipient is an infant or toddler, they will definitely derive joy from all types of musical baby toys.

Experts say that it’s best to keep children’s gifts simple and gender neutral—baby music CDs and baby DVD products are exactly that. Research shows that people, including parents, still tend to buy pink toys for girls and boyish-looking toys for boys. With Baby Genius products, you won’t have to worry about whether our products are best for a boy or girl. Either will completely enjoy our toys. If a child enjoys reading or being read to, they will love it when their parents read and sing along with musical baby books—which are also simple and gender-neutral. Every child can learn from children’s songs in so many ways—it’s difficult to beat the benefits of musical toys with any other type of toy.

Another principle that experts state is that bigger is not always better in the world of children’s toys, and bigger size toys are definitely not necessary. This is another principle that Baby Genius toys are immune to! It doesn’t matter to children what size their musical baby books are, and a baby DVD obviously comes in one size only. It’s the same with everything from dollhouses and play ovens to dolls and building blocks—size is irrelevant to the amount of fun the child will have with any of the abovementioned toys.

Basically, our baby music CDs and other musical baby toys make it easy for you to buy children the perfect gift that they will get tons of enjoyment from, as well as myriad developmental and educational benefits. You won’t have to think hard about how to best benefit the recipient—Baby Genius has done that for you!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Expert Tips for Stellar Parenting

Experts who work with baby genius types are the ideal source for parenting tips. They can recommend the best ways to maximize your child’s learning experiences, while recommending the best educational baby toys available. They can help you make the most out of every possible learning experience, from singing children’s songs to playing outside.

All of these same experts tout baby music CDs as excellent ways to improve so many of your child’s developmental processes, from cognitive learning to movement and socialization. The benefits of singing along with children’s songs are not limited to memory skills and vocabulary expansion—there are so many advantages that experts recommend incorporating such activity into daily routines, since children respond positively to the expected. If a baby CD is not the route you want to go, these benefits can also be easily achieved by simply reading or singing along with musical baby books at bedtime!

In addition to listening to baby music CDs, there are other ways to make the most out of learning with music. For example, Baby Genius has developed a wide array of musical baby toys that make learning fun and stimulating. Even as parents, you’ll get so engrossed in singing, dancing and playing with your child, you’ll forget you’re working with educational baby toys. That’s exactly what makes this type of play ideal for the developmental process. If a baby DVD can take you on an escape from your own life, imagine what it can do for a child’s imagination!

All experts say that books should be a part of your child's life from the get go. To make reading more fun, why not choose musical baby books? Singing along is a fun bonding activity for parent and child. Just like working with baby DVD products, reading or singing along with musical baby books will help your child increase their vocabulary while inspiring their imagination and instilling a love of reading.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How Baby Music Factors in to Great Parenting

At Baby Genius, we understand how challenging parenting can be—but we also know that it can be a fun, bonding experience. We specifically design our educational baby toys to make the development process easier and more stimulating through the use of baby music, while creating time and space for you and your child to engage in healthy activities that can boost so much of the learning process for children.

Many experts state that books should be an integral part of your child's life. While some children take to reading easily, others may need some coaxing. This is exactly why Baby Genius creates musical baby books! When your child sings along with these musical baby books, it makes reading time special and fun, and encourages self-expression. It can also be a great bonding experience when you sing children's songs along with them! Most importantly, musical baby books help to increase your child’s vocabulary and set the groundwork for a love of reading.

Musical baby books aren’t the only toys that can inspire your child’s imagination through music. Our array of baby music line includes baby CD and Baby DVD products that will produce hours of fun and learning.

An important part of successful child development is to create routines for your child that you both adhere to. Children respond to and actually find comfort in the expected—so setting steps for them to accomplish at certain times of the day, such as bedtime or when they wake up, is extremely beneficial. You can make these times fun learning experiences by incorporating baby music. You could have them listen to a baby CD before bed and sign along with it, or sing along with one of our other baby music toys.

Educational baby toys are a great way to make the most of the time you spend with your child! Whether you use them to engage your child and bond, as part of their daily routine or in any other way you can imagine, the benefits are far reaching and wide-ranging.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Parenting Tips for the New Year

For new parents as well as those who’ve been around the block already, each year brings lots of growth, new challenges and exciting triumphs for your baby genius. With a little help from our experts, we came up with some tips for increasing accomplishments and maximizing development—especially through the use of songs. Whether you watch educational baby DVDs together or listen to one of our baby CD products, there are plenty of opportunities to implement some stellar parenting strategies.

Get involved with your baby genius at playtime! Play is so critical to a child’s development process, because it teaches them about the world and helps them build emotional, social and cognitive skills. When you play with your child, you can learn a lot about those skills as well as your child’s interests and talents and expand their creativity.

For example, singing along with a baby CD is an easy way to gauge your child’s talent for language, rhythm and music, as well as their coordination and motor skills if they dance and move along with the music.
Even something as simple as singing children’s songs to your infant or child will help to increase their vocabulary, boost phenomic skills and improve memory.

If you watch educational baby DVDs with your child, you can ask questions and learn about their temperaments and what appeals most to them. You questions and attention will encourage and provoke their curiosity and creativity.

Another important element of parenting that can be enhanced through the use of our educational baby toys is setting a good example. Your voice, tone, expressions, gestures and actions will teach your child ways to interact with other people and the world. You are perfectly situated to show your child ways to problem solve, compromise and take on physical challenges. This is an area where musical baby books can come into play—by reading to your child or singing along you can use tone and animated gestures to convey emotions.

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