Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Having fun with children's songs

Play is an essential part of your child’s development and one of the most memorable parts of their childhood. While toys and the playground are sources for unlimited fun, children’s songs and baby music also offer hours of enjoyment, as well as wide-ranging benefits that will help your child get a head start on learning and the development of critical skills.

When you sing children’s songs to your infant or toddler, and especially when they sing along, their language skills are boosted through sounds, rhymes and melodies. While it doesn’t matter what type of songs you sing, children’s songs and those featuring nursery rhymes have a fun element that increases your child’s joy.

You can also simply pop developmental music CDs in your iPod or mp3 player—these will engage your infant or toddler and encourage movement, which will help to boost their coordination and fine motor skills. In addition, playing a baby CD for your child instills a desire to listen carefully and pay attention so they can sing along. This behavior significantly contributes to speech development and vocabulary, among many other things.

Reading to your child with musical baby books supports the development of reading and comprehension skills, as well as phonemic learning. When your child looks through a musical baby book and sings along, they start the process of learning to read and sharpen their memory skills easily and naturally.

In addition, listening to baby music CDs helps children learn to recognize patterns and sequences. While this can obviously inspire a passion for music, or even a musical inclination, it also assists them with analytical thinking and builds the type of thought processes that helps them with learning math and science as they get older. Even if your child is still in the crib, a baby CD will inspire movement and can soothe them—we all know what lullabies can do for a restless infant!

Playing a baby CD for your child also promotes creativity and social interaction. Nothing beats a good sing-a-long when it comes to engaging children to bond with their parents and other children. This type of early exposure to music helps children learn by promoting language, coordination and memory. Plus, believe it or not, listening to baby music can be a great stress reliever for parents! Being silly and childlike is fun and relaxing, and allows adults to reminisce about their own childhood.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The best baby toys for Summer


Summer is a great time for children—it’s full of discovery, playing outdoors and using the best baby toys. While it’s typically associated with vacation, for many parents, there’s an added pressure to create an environment and schedule that enhances their learning and development.

Summer is a time when parents want to plan many activities for their children. Whether your child is an infant, toddler or on break from pre-school, engaging them with musical baby toys is a spectacular way to boost their overall development.

Listening to baby music CDs is beneficial for children of all ages, but the activity itself doesn’t need to be limited to simply listening. Science has proven that children thrive when music is played. Instead of limiting their exposure to nighttime lullabies or inside activity, bring your iPod dock to the beach, pool or back yard with you and your child for some fun, bonding experiences. 

Children love to dance, move and sing along to baby music CDs, so bringing them outside with their favorite baby music will augment the benefits and give them a chance to run around and move if they’re already toddling. If they’re not, simply rocking them along to the music will encourage movement and laughter, while their other senses are being stimulated by the great outdoors. 

Music is the basis for some of the best baby toys available to parents. Whether they’re already in pre-school or still in the crib, exposing them to fun baby music helps instill a natural sense of rhythm and possibly even musical inclination. Simply moving to music helps them improve coordination and motor skills, and sets them up for positive socialization and self-expression.

You can boost your child’s development and pre-academic learning through regular play with musical baby toys. When they listen and start to sing along to a baby CD, they establish a foundation for learning language and speaking skills, as well as reading and comprehension. They’ll also start building a basis for reasoning and spatial-temporal skill, both of which are fundamental to learning math and science.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Why play and sing children’s songs?

Did you know that play and singing children’s songs are two of the most beneficial things for a child’s development? Not only does playing with the best baby toys and children’s music offer a great bonding experience for you and your children, it makes for happy children who have an edge on learning, language skills, memorization, comprehension and socialization. And that’s just for starters.

Many studies have found that the effects of play are wide-ranging and far reaching. Baby Genius takes these factors and advantages into account when designing the best baby toys, including musical baby books, baby DVDs, baby CDs and other musical baby toys.

Singing children’s songs and playing enables infants and toddlers to be comfortable with self-expression, and helps them learn how to de-stress and relax. Play fosters the love of enjoyment and fun, therefore enhancing the quality of life. Look at how happy and giggly your baby or toddler gets when you flip through musical baby books together or sing along with one of our baby CDs! The fun they’re having is contagious and laughing together allows you to reduce tension and relax as well. It gives you a chance to escape reality for a while and be present with your child in moments that are precious and valuable.

The developmental benefits of musical infant/toddler toys are also immense and diverse. Singing, dancing or simply moving along to music stimulates imagination, creativity, abstract thinking and problem-solving skills. Baby music CDs and baby DVDs that encourage singing along are great for memory development. You’ll have your own baby genius in no time when reading stories, playing with musical baby toys and listening to children’s music. Cognitive development is enhanced in so many ways—plus it helps children to learn empathy and demonstrates difference perspectives. Your child will learn to master new concepts and be more imaginative and creative as a result.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Introduce music with musical baby toys

Musical baby toys are an excellent way to introduce music early to your baby or toddler. Whether you think you’ve got a baby Beethoven in your family or simply want to instill a love of music, introducing music via baby music toys or baby music CDs will help encourage musical talents and inclinations, while providing a host of other benefits as well.

While your infant or toddler may be too young to practice keys on a piano or strum chords on a guitar, they sure can pick up on the rhythm, tones and beats when you pop in one of Baby Genius’ baby music CDs or sing children’s songs to them. That is literally all you have to do for them to experience the myriad benefits baby music has to offer. 

The benefits of musical baby toys have been the subject of much child development research, which finds that they can significantly boost a child’s development. They enhance creativity and provide sensory stimulation that is hard to match with any other type of toys. What other toys encourage physical development through movement and benefit motor skills and coordination, while also helping to boost language skills, vocabulary and memorization?

Using baby music to enhance development doesn’t need to be expensive. It can be as easy as listening to a baby CD or just singing children’s songs to your child. As they start to learn words, when they sing along with you, phonemic learning will be improved and they’ll learn new vocabulary quickly. Research indicates that it doesn’t even matter what genre of music you play for your child—the exposure to the differing tempos and rhythm patterns helps stimulate their mind. In turn, their memory skills improve and they learn to identify their surroundings and objects in their midst.

Once your child can start singing along with children’s songs, they’ll learn about rhyming as well—especially with songs featuring nursery rhymes. The entertaining format introduces children to narrative voice, again boosting language skills and creating a foundation for them to learn to read and spell. It’s been found that that when children show difficulties recognizing words that rhyme, they may experience difficulties when learning to read. Playing songs that feature nursery rhymes can lead to better reading skills and avoiding obstacles with learning and comprehension. In addition, learning to listen helps kids develop an natural love of books.

Fun children’s songs also promote socialization. Children are always inspired to move and dancing to children’s songs, and in a group setting, easily inspire each other to join in on the fun.