Monday, June 27, 2011

Many More Benefits of Play

In our last Baby Genius blog post, we talked about some of the many benefits that play has upon both you and your children. That was hardly a comprehensive rundown of all the benefits, so we’re going to share even more reasons why working with educational baby toys like Baby Genius’ musical baby books, baby CDs, musical baby toys and educational baby DVDs can have such amazing effects.

Whether you and your child are wiggling to music on one of our best baby music CDs or singing along with a baby DVD, both their physical development and language skills will benefit. Moving to music helps with both gross and fine motor experiences, and can even assist with overcoming physical challenges. Listening to baby music CDs, playing with musical baby toys or singing along with musical baby books helps with building communication skills and expanding vocabulary, as well as the development of storytelling skills. Plus, it’s a definite stress reliever for mom or dad!

Some of our best baby music CDs will make you laugh and forget about any stress factors. Try Favorite Silly Songs, Preschool Favorites, Favorite Lullabies or one of our other amazingly fun baby music CDs. Or you can check out one of our educational baby DVDs like Baby Animals Favorite Sing-A-longs, Underwater Adventures or Mozart and Friends.

Stay tuned for more benefits of play, but the meantime, get playing! Browse our wide range of educational baby toys at

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Benefits of PLAY – Part 1

Did you know that play is incredibly beneficial for both you and your children? Many studies show the immense benefits that play has upon its participants. Baby Genius takes these factors and advantages into account when designing its full range of educational baby toys, including musical baby books, educational baby DVDs, baby CDs and other musical baby toys. This is part of the reason we’re known as the purveyor of the best baby toys available!

Play enables infants and toddlers to be comfortable with self-expression, and instills the ability to relax and de-stress. Play fosters the love of enjoyment and fun, therefore enhancing the quality of life. Look at how happy and giggly your baby or toddler gets when you flip through musical baby books together or sing along with one of our best baby music CDs! The fun they’re having is contagious and enables you to reduce tension and laugh as well.

The developmental benefits of our baby music toys and educational baby DVDs are also wide-ranging. The best baby toys feature fun elements that stimulate a child’s creativity, abstract thinking, imagination and problem-solving skills. Baby music CDs and baby DVDs that encourage singing along are great for memory development. You’ll have your own baby genius in no time when reading stories, playing with musical baby toys and listening to thebest baby music CDs. Cognitive development is enhanced in so many ways—by teaching empathy and demonstrating different perspectives. Your child will learn to master new concepts and be more imaginative as a result.

Stay tuned for our next post, which will discuss the other developmental benefits of play! Browse Baby Genius’ extensive collection of educational baby toys and baby music CDs at     

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to save money on baby music toys, baby CDs and educational baby DVDs

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Unique Baby Gift Ideas with a Touch of Genius

Baby Genius isn’t just about musical baby toys and educational baby DVDs—Baby Genius Gear includes apparel and other fun gifts for infants and toddlers that can be personalized with a name or short message of your choice. Plus, everything is super cute and functional! We carry adorable Baby Genius blankets, unique apparel and accessories including our Baby Genius toddler t-shirts, bibs, beach towels, diaper bags and more! If you would like to personalize your gift, we’ve got an array of fun items, including the Baby Genius character sign, picture frames, birthday banners and placemats. Such a great way to show the thought and care you put in a gift!

In addition to all the Baby Genius gear mentioned above, there are plenty of musical baby books, musical baby toys and other educational baby toys to choose from that are perfect gifts for both infants and toddlers. Everything from our baby music CDs and baby music toys to our educational baby DVDs enhance child development and provide hours of entertainment. You can browse the best baby music CDs and musical baby toys on the market and still not find the fun and stimulating array of music that our baby CDs offer—the best part is, you’ll find that our educational baby toys are fun for the entire family! Visit to browse the best baby toys and best baby music CDs available!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baby Music Toys—For Fun and Development

At Baby Genius, we create amazing musical baby books, educational baby DVDs and baby CDs that keep your infant or child busy for hours on end. However, our musical baby toys are more than just something to entertain your child—they’re educational baby toys that assist with child development on so many different, instrumental levels.
From classic composers like Mozart to favorite toddler sing-alongs, Baby Genius’ musical baby books get your baby or child’s creative juices flowing and provides them with diverse exposure to the music world. In addition, educational baby DVDs and baby music toys enhance the parent-child connection and allow families to joyfully share songs, rhymes, and movement. Plus, baby music allows children to develop early musical inclinations, as children learn to sing and dance just as easily as they learn to walk and talk.

Baby Genius creates the best baby music CDs and best baby toys available so that parents can foster creativity, self-expression and confidence, while helping their children to build social, cognitive and physical skills. Pop in one of our baby music CDs or baby DVDs, flip through one of Baby Genius’ musical baby books or play with one of our musical baby toys and get singing, laughing and dancing with your child! Visit to browse our extensive selection of baby music toys!