Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baby Music Toys—For Fun and Development

At Baby Genius, we create amazing musical baby books, educational baby DVDs and baby CDs that keep your infant or child busy for hours on end. However, our musical baby toys are more than just something to entertain your child—they’re educational baby toys that assist with child development on so many different, instrumental levels.
From classic composers like Mozart to favorite toddler sing-alongs, Baby Genius’ musical baby books get your baby or child’s creative juices flowing and provides them with diverse exposure to the music world. In addition, educational baby DVDs and baby music toys enhance the parent-child connection and allow families to joyfully share songs, rhymes, and movement. Plus, baby music allows children to develop early musical inclinations, as children learn to sing and dance just as easily as they learn to walk and talk.

Baby Genius creates the best baby music CDs and best baby toys available so that parents can foster creativity, self-expression and confidence, while helping their children to build social, cognitive and physical skills. Pop in one of our baby music CDs or baby DVDs, flip through one of Baby Genius’ musical baby books or play with one of our musical baby toys and get singing, laughing and dancing with your child! Visit to browse our extensive selection of baby music toys!

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