Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Children’s Songs Make for Unique Baby Gifts

Looking for unique baby gift ideas? If you want to be the hit of that upcoming baby shower, why not be creative and give the gift of children’s songs? There is a definite value in making responsible purchases for our own children and others’ and this is the perfect way to do so. Baby Genius strives to deliver baby music CDs that are fun and enjoyable for both children and parents, and also create opportunities for bonding and social interaction.

All of our baby CD products make for extremely unique gifts that impress crowds of both children and adults. Sing-alongs of favorite children’s songs and classical music provide hours of entertainment while stimulating infants and toddlers in many ways. They get to hear new vocabulary, practice their memorization skills and develop their interest in music and movement. Dancing around to baby music CDs even improves their motor skills and coordination.

Whenever an adult purchases one of our baby DVDs, they’re often surprised when they review it and discover that they actually really enjoy it themselves. These groundbreaking products are full of fun music combined with exciting visuals that entertain for hours on end, while exposing them to new things. For example, Baby Genius’ Animal Adventures baby DVD takes children on a magical, musical safari where they get to watch playful animals in their natural environments. Shot at the world famous San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park, it’s a great way for children to view and develop recognition of monkeys, giraffes and other friendly animals.

Another favorite gift idea from our wide selection of baby DVDs is “Favorite Counting Songs,” a magical adventure that introduces children to the world of numbers. Children will enjoy stunning visuals along with delightful children’s songs that introduce them to the world of numbers. Each song focuses on a number from one to ten to create a fun yet educational experience.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby music not just about lullabies

Baby music is not just about lullabies—while it’s definitely known to calm infants down and lull them to sleep, there are many other benefits it has that enhance child development and educational efforts. Simply popping in a baby CD can help you communicate with your child while giving you something fun to participate in together. It’s pure Bonding 101 for parents and children!

The best baby music CDs will promote physical, emotional and mental development for infants, toddlers and children of all ages. While our first instinct may be to pop a baby CD in simply to soothe an infant, once you do so, you will be amazed at the effect that occurs. Infants and toddlers respond to children’s songs in a significant way. Whether they start to move, mumble or laugh, it’s obvious that they’re being stimulated in a positive way by the children’s songs they’re hearing.

Often times, an infant will be crying for what seems like eternity, despite being fed, changed and rocked. Yet once they hear baby music, they forget the cause or their tears and may stop crying altogether. While this is testament to the calming effect of baby music, it also displays the benefit that musical stimulation has upon a child.

Here are some tips for maximizing the benefits and enjoyment of the best baby music CDs:

Set aside a half hour per day to listen to a baby CD or work with other musical baby toys. Do this with your child so that you can bond as you experience the harmony together. Make sure to use baby music and not play the radio. Working with Baby Genius products is the best way to maximize this time, as we specifically inject educational elements into each of our musical baby toys.

Place your child where they are speakers on opposing sides of the room, so that your baby will basically be in the center of the room (not right next to the speakers, of course). This will augment the effect, as your child will be listening in stereo. You will see your baby turn its head from side to side and make more responses to the sounds. .

Do not use headphones on your child to listen to children’s songs—this can damage a child’s very sensitive hearing.

Keep in mind that baby music can relax both parent and child—so take some time out and enjoy.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Many Benefits of Baby Music & Children's Songs

Baby music helps create smart babies!
As a parent, you’re introduced to the benefits of singing children’s songs to your baby in the very early stages of their infancy—you quickly learn that lullabies calm down your baby and helps them get to sleep. Babies and toddlers love music and rhythm, often getting rocked to sleep as part of their nightly routine. From there, you may learn that playing baby music CDs can elicit joy and laughter, and it’s obvious that your child is stimulated by the sounds.

The benefits of children’s songs grow exponentially as your child grows. This is why Baby Genius makes it easy it is to bring music into children's lives. Music stimulates all the senses, while helping children learn to recognize patterns and sequence. Early exposure to music in particular promotes language, creativity, coordination, memory, and self-esteem. Even just dancing around to baby music CDs encourages socialization among young children.

The rich sensory environment created by educational baby DVDs filled with music helps children make connections between each part of their experience. They learn about different colors, sounds and visuals which forge understanding and pre-academic learning. Much research shows that when children regularly read musical baby books and dance along with baby CD products, they are more focused, have higher self-esteem and play well with others.

Whether your child dances and sings along with educational baby DVDs or musical baby books, their basic skills are enhanced—studies show that children exposed to music at an early age also do better in math and reading.

Some of the most interesting findings are that even adults benefit from singing or listening to children’s songs! In a recent study, the impact of a wide array of song lyrics upon adults were observed—everything from the National Anthem and Christmas carols to “Row, row, row your boat,” ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm,” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider” elicited positive responses across a diverse adult subjects. The adults were found to be more empathetic, accepting and happier after hearing the music. The theory behind this finding is that these songs activate memories of happiness from childhood, and elicit the same feeling that these adults experienced as children listing to their favorite baby CD.

It’s clear that play with Baby Genius products can be a great bonding experience for parent and child—but to discover that it can have even further positive effects on both is all the motivation you need to explore and discover our amazing line of baby DVD products, musical baby toys and the best baby music CDs.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Choosing The Best Baby Toys For Your Child's Age

All children are born to play. It's how they learn about their surrounding environment and their world. As they grow and learn, the types of playthings needed to stimulate growth changes. It's up to you to make sure they have the best baby toys for their age and growth stage.

All children have limited vision when first born. They can best discern images that are sharply contrasting, such as black and white. Bright contrasting colors are also good to help the child attain a higher level of visual acuity.

You will find that children under six months old will appreciate things they can hold in their hands such as teething rings and rattles. Their senses are being used to explore sight, taste, touch and sound. Mobiles provide motion and music that will be very appreciated, particularly at nap time. A baby gym will encourage her to reach out and explore her world while providing hours of safe entertainment.

By six months old your child will be sitting up and manipulating items in his environment. Just about any item with smooth edges will be welcomed during this time. Activity centers, plush animals and handheld toys that provide soothing music are very popular. This is also the perfect time to give them a cloth photo album with family pictures.

Between the ages of 12 and 18 months of age your child has acquired several new motor skills and play has become more complex. Building blocks and play sets are holding their attention and container items such as wagons are being used. Age appropriate push vehicles will be a delight for both boys and girls. This is also the time for musical baby toys and instruments and walk behind items like shopping carts and lawn mowers.

Play houses, kitchen centers and construction sets are a big hit with the 18 to 24 month crowd. Riding vehicles like rocking horses, small tricycles and other types of vehicles will be a huge delight. During this stage, the best baby toys will encourage muscle growth and motor control.

If you want to find children's songs, Baby Genius is the place to shop. You will find both top notch baby toys and baby music DVDs at their site, and you'll find a wide variety of great products too such as musical baby books. They also offer customized baby accessories so you can give a dear infant or child you know placemats and blankets with their name on them.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Children’s Songs Enhance Reading Development

At Baby Genius, we’ve always stressed the importance of children’s songs in education and development—but recently, a multitude of studies have revealed that toys like baby music CDs significantly support the development of mental skills such as reading, vocabulary, memory and comprehension, physical skills including motor and coordination, and emotional awareness in regards to socialization and creating coping mechanisms.

The studies indicate a few premises that Baby Genius already had in mind when we first started creating our dynamic and entertaining musical baby toys. Whether our toys feature children’s songs on our baby CD or baby DVD products, there are myriad ways to use and enjoy any of our toys, and just as many ways to benefit from them.

For starters, research has found that children with a strong sense of beat are more likely to read well than those who don’t. Start getting them to feel the beat by encouraging them to move and dance around with baby music CDs. This also enhances the socialization process, especially when parents sing and dance along with their child—this kind of activity encourages interaction in non-threatening ways and helps to calm and focus a child’s mind.

Music stimulates several of our senses very much—for example, when we read along with musical baby books, children come alive, laughing, singing and dancing along. This can be so much fun and a bonding experience for parent and child, but more importantly, this stimulation helps children learn to recognize sequences and patterns. It also enhances motor skills and coordination.

Another great benefit of musical baby books in particular is that the activity of reading and singing along with them nourishes the brain while affecting all other areas of a child’s development. It also helps them develop coping skills by providing a space for emotional well-being. At a young age, if your child loves musical baby books, they will see them as a place of happiness, and will know that reading and music offer an avenue for de-stressing and relaxation.

Studies have also found that exposure to musical baby toys at a young age will promote language and phonemic skills, while encouraging creativity and social interaction.

Listening to one of our baby CD or baby DVD products supports a higher level of thinking among children—and when the dance or move along to the music, their critical listening skills will improve and their memorization skills will be exercised. This kind of musical play supports children’s need and desire to socialize and encourages acts of cooperation.