Friday, February 3, 2012

Children’s Songs Enhance Reading Development

At Baby Genius, we’ve always stressed the importance of children’s songs in education and development—but recently, a multitude of studies have revealed that toys like baby music CDs significantly support the development of mental skills such as reading, vocabulary, memory and comprehension, physical skills including motor and coordination, and emotional awareness in regards to socialization and creating coping mechanisms.

The studies indicate a few premises that Baby Genius already had in mind when we first started creating our dynamic and entertaining musical baby toys. Whether our toys feature children’s songs on our baby CD or baby DVD products, there are myriad ways to use and enjoy any of our toys, and just as many ways to benefit from them.

For starters, research has found that children with a strong sense of beat are more likely to read well than those who don’t. Start getting them to feel the beat by encouraging them to move and dance around with baby music CDs. This also enhances the socialization process, especially when parents sing and dance along with their child—this kind of activity encourages interaction in non-threatening ways and helps to calm and focus a child’s mind.

Music stimulates several of our senses very much—for example, when we read along with musical baby books, children come alive, laughing, singing and dancing along. This can be so much fun and a bonding experience for parent and child, but more importantly, this stimulation helps children learn to recognize sequences and patterns. It also enhances motor skills and coordination.

Another great benefit of musical baby books in particular is that the activity of reading and singing along with them nourishes the brain while affecting all other areas of a child’s development. It also helps them develop coping skills by providing a space for emotional well-being. At a young age, if your child loves musical baby books, they will see them as a place of happiness, and will know that reading and music offer an avenue for de-stressing and relaxation.

Studies have also found that exposure to musical baby toys at a young age will promote language and phonemic skills, while encouraging creativity and social interaction.

Listening to one of our baby CD or baby DVD products supports a higher level of thinking among children—and when the dance or move along to the music, their critical listening skills will improve and their memorization skills will be exercised. This kind of musical play supports children’s need and desire to socialize and encourages acts of cooperation.

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