Sunday, September 30, 2012

Why nursery rhymes make great children’s songs

We’ve all seen how excited toddlers get when they hear children’s songs based on nursery rhymes. While it’s great that young children enjoy nursery rhymes so much, what’s more important is the myriad benefits and positive effects they can have on a child’s development.

When you sing lullabies and play a baby CD for your child, you help their brain grow and develop. Most infants are sung to from day one in an effort to soothe and comfort them—while the goal may be to get them to sleep, it’s actually one of our earliest forms of communication with them. As they become toddlers, they will typically respond to baby music CDs by dancing and singing along. This obviously boosts their fledgling vocabulary, but did you know it also stimulates their frontal lobes? This is fundamental to their language development and phonemic learning.  

Children’s songs that include nursery rhymes offer children the opportunity to recognize and develop an appreciation for rhyme and rhythm. The repetition helps build language and memorization skills. When a nursery rhyme is combined with musical baby toys such as a book with pictures, it expands the experience into visuals and storytelling. In addition, nursery rhymes help children to use their imagination to create mental pictures to associate with words.

Playing with musical baby toys and singing along with your children will help your child associate this type of learning with fun. It’s also a great tool for building social skills. When teachers pop a baby CD of nursery rhymes in for a group of young children, they find that even the shyest ones participate when everyone starts to dance or sing along. Most will know the rhymes already or can learn them quickly—this helps them find a commonality with the other children and helps them build self-confidence.

When children sing and dance to baby music CDs, they learn to recognize the connection between rhythm, movement and words, which further builds their vocabulary and language skills—and increases their fun!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why baby DVDs?

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Most parents want to get their children started with academic learning as soon as possible—which is why many turn to baby DVDs to help facilitate that process. Much research shows that a child’s development is significantly boosted by watching stimulating visuals coupled with baby music

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to turn to baby music DVDs to make the most out playtime. We all know that the bright images, animated characters and vivid colors of cartoons occupy children for hours at a time. Throw in children’s songs that they can dance and sing along to, and the fun doubles or even triples. Yet more importantly, their brain is being stimulated by baby DVDs in ways that are unrivalled by other children’s toys. 

Baby music allows children to develop their listening skills, increase their vocabulary and learn about enunciation and tone. Adding the visuals provided in a baby DVD helps them to associate words with their meanings, which speeds up their language skill building and development.

Another great benefit of baby music DVDs is that they can help children become bilingual. When families want to introduce their child to more than one language, the best thing they can do is start them early. Learning children’s songs in another language expedites that process and watching those songs in action on a baby DVD takes it to an entire different level. They see the meaning of the word in action and can easily learn the names of people, places and things in another language. How’s that for multitasking?

Another great use of these musical baby toys is that they can help with learning the alphabet and counting numbers. This is the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of each before they start preschool, and can be a fun activity that you do together.  Plus, they will associate counting and the alphabet with fun, and be more amenable to the learning process.

The bottom line is that baby music DVDs offer excellent value for children—for both educational and entertainment purposes. Try one out and you’ll be surprised at how busy it keeps your baby or toddler and how fast they start learning!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why we all can benefit from baby music

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When you’re an adult, it’s easy to forget what it’s like to be as free as a child, playing and laughing without abandon or any cares in the world. The problem is, play is just as important to your well-being as fulfilling your responsibilities such as work, maintaining a household and caring for others, yet we don’t make time in our lives for it. Why not plug in some baby music so you can unplug from the stress of your life and play like a child again?

Studies show that children laugh nearly 400 times a day, while adults typically indulge in laughter less than 15 times per day. It’s a scary prospect when you look at it from those statistics. Think about how hard your child laughs and lights up when you sing children's songs to them or they watch baby music DVDs. Music is like an unlimited source of fun for them.

Whether you’re a toddler or a senior, play is vital in reducing stress and increasing happiness. Setting aside some time to dedicate to a hobby or one of your favorite activities is a must. But when you have small children, it can be difficult to find that “me-time.” Baby music is a great way to do double duty for both yourself and your child.

Have you ever watched the baby music DVDs you play for your child? There’s a reason your kids are giggling so much when they watch them. They quickly are inspired to sing and dance along, and just watching them have fun can help you de-stress. 

When you actually sit and watch baby music DVDs, you can get into that state where you lose all track of time. The stories and fun baby music can actually bring you back to your own childhood, making you reminisce and once again enjoy the times you had as a child.

When you sing along with your child to children’s songs, you not only bond with your child, but you lose yourself in the flow of play and get inspired to be creative and imaginative. Open your mind to this method of sharing quality time with your child—you’ll be surprised at how much you get out of it.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why I love baby music CDs

Dear Baby Genius-

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I have a little story to share about how your baby music CDs saved my vacation!
Since my sister got married and had twins, I haven’t been able to spend much time with her, so I opted to take my summer vacation with her. I was really excited to see my niece and nephew, since I’d been away at college for the last year.

I haven’t been around two-year-olds since I babysat during my teenage years—and wow, are twins a handful! We’d brought along what my sister thought were the best baby toys to keep them occupied, but honestly, they seemed pretty bored after just one day. Luckily, I had brought them a few presents in the form of musical baby toys.

Since I was going to have to pack my gifts, I chose to get something slim that wouldn’t take up much space in my luggage—your baby music CDs seemed like the perfect choice. I didn’t even think that they would use them on the trip; I just thought they would take them home. Surprise—these babies turned out to be a lifesaver!

What I learned on this trip is the power of musical baby toys. Listening to children’s songs can keep toddlers occupied for hours. My niece and nephew loved dancing around to the silly songs and learned how to sing along with them—and they were so cute to watch. Best of all, it wore them out! Their endless energy was drained from all the dancing and singing, leaving us with some quiet “adult” time to ourselves at the end of each day.

After this trip, I’ve realized that the best baby toys are ones that entertain children while offering them some sort of developmental benefit. I witnessed how the baby music CDs helped them to learn new words and elocution, and how dancing around helped them develop a little bit of coordination and rhythm. Who knows, it may even help them develop musical talents!

Next vacation, I’m expanding the arsenal and packing some baby music DVDs in my luggage.

Thank you for your amazing baby music toys-
A happy auntie

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Engaging toddlers with children's songs

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You probably already know how essential play is to a child’s development, but are you aware of all the benefits that singing children’s songs and musical baby toys can have on babies and toddlers? Research shows that when parents sing baby music to and along with their children, they are able to develop stronger language skills at an earlier age and avoid future problems with reading and comprehension. 

Much emphasis is put on reading to children, which is very instrumental in their academic learning and development. Yet many parents are unaware of how much singing lullabies, nursery rhymes and other children’s songs to their offspring can enhance their future academic success and overall well-being.

Clearly, singing is a form of speech, so when it’s coupled with the melodies, tone and inflections of baby music sung by a familiar voice, this significantly helps a child develop an ear and voice for language. While listening to baby music CDs definitely boosts their speech and vocabulary, when a parent sings along with that CD, the effects are doubled.

Studies also show that listening to and singing along with baby music CDs, especially those that include rhymes, helps children to use and develop both sides of the brain. Not only do musical baby toys and CDs help with language and speech skills, they also help children learn to think in words, which helps them learn to read and comprehend what they’re reading.

In addition, listening to baby music CDs also helps children recognize sequences and associate words with their meanings. This helps them build analytical skills that lead to better abilities in both math and science throughout their education.

Reading musical baby books to children supports the development of reading and comprehension skills, as well as phonemic learning. When your child looks through musical baby books and sings along, they start the process of learning to read and sharpen their memory skills easily and naturally.

Children’s songs and baby music are undeniable sources of unlimited fun, but they’re also packed with educational benefits. The wide-ranging advantages they offer will jump start your children’s education and the development of practical skills.