Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why baby DVDs?

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Most parents want to get their children started with academic learning as soon as possible—which is why many turn to baby DVDs to help facilitate that process. Much research shows that a child’s development is significantly boosted by watching stimulating visuals coupled with baby music

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to turn to baby music DVDs to make the most out playtime. We all know that the bright images, animated characters and vivid colors of cartoons occupy children for hours at a time. Throw in children’s songs that they can dance and sing along to, and the fun doubles or even triples. Yet more importantly, their brain is being stimulated by baby DVDs in ways that are unrivalled by other children’s toys. 

Baby music allows children to develop their listening skills, increase their vocabulary and learn about enunciation and tone. Adding the visuals provided in a baby DVD helps them to associate words with their meanings, which speeds up their language skill building and development.

Another great benefit of baby music DVDs is that they can help children become bilingual. When families want to introduce their child to more than one language, the best thing they can do is start them early. Learning children’s songs in another language expedites that process and watching those songs in action on a baby DVD takes it to an entire different level. They see the meaning of the word in action and can easily learn the names of people, places and things in another language. How’s that for multitasking?

Another great use of these musical baby toys is that they can help with learning the alphabet and counting numbers. This is the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of each before they start preschool, and can be a fun activity that you do together.  Plus, they will associate counting and the alphabet with fun, and be more amenable to the learning process.

The bottom line is that baby music DVDs offer excellent value for children—for both educational and entertainment purposes. Try one out and you’ll be surprised at how busy it keeps your baby or toddler and how fast they start learning!

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