Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why I love baby music CDs

Dear Baby Genius-

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I have a little story to share about how your baby music CDs saved my vacation!
Since my sister got married and had twins, I haven’t been able to spend much time with her, so I opted to take my summer vacation with her. I was really excited to see my niece and nephew, since I’d been away at college for the last year.

I haven’t been around two-year-olds since I babysat during my teenage years—and wow, are twins a handful! We’d brought along what my sister thought were the best baby toys to keep them occupied, but honestly, they seemed pretty bored after just one day. Luckily, I had brought them a few presents in the form of musical baby toys.

Since I was going to have to pack my gifts, I chose to get something slim that wouldn’t take up much space in my luggage—your baby music CDs seemed like the perfect choice. I didn’t even think that they would use them on the trip; I just thought they would take them home. Surprise—these babies turned out to be a lifesaver!

What I learned on this trip is the power of musical baby toys. Listening to children’s songs can keep toddlers occupied for hours. My niece and nephew loved dancing around to the silly songs and learned how to sing along with them—and they were so cute to watch. Best of all, it wore them out! Their endless energy was drained from all the dancing and singing, leaving us with some quiet “adult” time to ourselves at the end of each day.

After this trip, I’ve realized that the best baby toys are ones that entertain children while offering them some sort of developmental benefit. I witnessed how the baby music CDs helped them to learn new words and elocution, and how dancing around helped them develop a little bit of coordination and rhythm. Who knows, it may even help them develop musical talents!

Next vacation, I’m expanding the arsenal and packing some baby music DVDs in my luggage.

Thank you for your amazing baby music toys-
A happy auntie

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