Thursday, September 6, 2012

Engaging toddlers with children's songs

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You probably already know how essential play is to a child’s development, but are you aware of all the benefits that singing children’s songs and musical baby toys can have on babies and toddlers? Research shows that when parents sing baby music to and along with their children, they are able to develop stronger language skills at an earlier age and avoid future problems with reading and comprehension. 

Much emphasis is put on reading to children, which is very instrumental in their academic learning and development. Yet many parents are unaware of how much singing lullabies, nursery rhymes and other children’s songs to their offspring can enhance their future academic success and overall well-being.

Clearly, singing is a form of speech, so when it’s coupled with the melodies, tone and inflections of baby music sung by a familiar voice, this significantly helps a child develop an ear and voice for language. While listening to baby music CDs definitely boosts their speech and vocabulary, when a parent sings along with that CD, the effects are doubled.

Studies also show that listening to and singing along with baby music CDs, especially those that include rhymes, helps children to use and develop both sides of the brain. Not only do musical baby toys and CDs help with language and speech skills, they also help children learn to think in words, which helps them learn to read and comprehend what they’re reading.

In addition, listening to baby music CDs also helps children recognize sequences and associate words with their meanings. This helps them build analytical skills that lead to better abilities in both math and science throughout their education.

Reading musical baby books to children supports the development of reading and comprehension skills, as well as phonemic learning. When your child looks through musical baby books and sings along, they start the process of learning to read and sharpen their memory skills easily and naturally.

Children’s songs and baby music are undeniable sources of unlimited fun, but they’re also packed with educational benefits. The wide-ranging advantages they offer will jump start your children’s education and the development of practical skills.

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