Monday, August 29, 2011

The Benefits of Musical Baby Toys

We all know how relaxing it can be for adults to listen to music after a long, hectic day—imagine how it can be both fun and relaxing for your baby or child to hear a baby CD filled with children’s songs, sing-a-long with musical baby books or educational baby DVDs, or play with musical baby toys! The best part is, all of the above serve as stellar developmental baby toys!

Musical baby toys and listening to children’s songs boosts creativity and improve brain development. This is exactly why Baby Genius strives to create the best baby music CDs and musical baby books— the goal is to help you develop your child’s brain intelligence.

When your child sings along with baby CDs, educational baby DVDs and baby music toys, their memorization skills increase. A baby DVD can help boost your child’s concentration and attention span and musical baby books clearly help with reading, comprehension and vocabulary. Baby music CDS and musical baby toys also improve listening abilities, which can absolutely lead your child to become a baby genius.

Choosing a baby DVD, the best baby music CDs and ideal educational baby toys is easy to do. Start by browsing and choose what you think will be fun and enjoyable experiences so you can also get involved in the process—you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how relaxing it can be to listen and dance to baby music CDs with your baby genius! Baby music will bring you back to your own childhood and give you the opportunity to laugh and bond with your child, all while giving them the advantages of developmental baby toys!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Why Musical Baby Books and Baby Music CDs?

Baby Genius offers a wide range of developmental baby toys that provides parents myriad options to expose their children to music and children’s songs in entertaining ways, through baby music CDs, musical baby books, baby DVDs and other musical baby toys.

While baby music toys are fun for your child, music is much more than just a diversion or form of play. Research shows that exposing babies to music starting at birth, whether through a baby CD or baby music toys, stimulates their brain, promotes the development of listening skills and enhances creativity. Reading and singing along with musical baby books and educational baby DVDs can also help boost emotional and intellectual development and give them an edge when they start school.

Even babies who are too young for basic developmental baby toys, can benefit from listening to baby music CDs and children’s songs and become a baby genius! We offer the best baby music CDs and educational baby DVDs filled with children's songs and classical music specially designed to enhance your baby’s development.

Baby CDs and baby DVDs also offer parents a chance to interact with children. When educational baby toys and baby music incorporate a chance to play with your baby or infant, it allows for bonding and stress reduction for both parent and child. Plus, you’re providing all your child needs to become a baby genius in their own right!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Power of Children’s Songs

Did you know that music is key to the development of reading skills? Baby Genius creates all of its best baby music CDs, musical baby books and educational baby DVDs with that key fact in mind. While our baby CDs teach children’s songs and encourage fun, there are other goals beyond social development and entertaining your child. For example, studies show that children with a strong sense of beat are more likely to read well. Perfect excuse to cut a rug with your child with one of Baby Genius’ baby music CDs or musical baby toys!
Clearly, our musical baby books, baby CDs and educational baby DVDs will help your baby and child learn to read and sing-a-long with children’s songs, but they also help to “wire” the brain and support a higher level of thinking. Our baby music CDs, musical baby toys and baby DVDs are filled with music that stimulates every sense, which in turn, helps children to recognize patterns and sequences.
Studies also show that children who are exposed to music at an early age tend to have high levels of self-esteem and are comfortable with social interaction. This is exactly why our baby music toys and baby DVDs promote singing along and moving to the music.

Baby music can actually be the basis for the best developmental baby toys for your baby genius. The best baby music CDs and educational baby toys help your child learn by promoting language and vocabulary, through sounds, rhymes and melodies. Baby CDs and baby music toys with sing-a-longs support children’s need to socialize and play, and serve as the best developmental baby toys since they enhance creativity, memory and coordination skills.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Musical Play for Kids

One of the best things you can do for a child is to instill and encourage a love of music. Even if you are not musically inclined, there are many ways for you to share music—for example, Baby Genius offers an array of musical baby books, musical baby toys, baby music CDs and educational baby DVDs, filled with children’s songs and ways for them to learn.

Giving your child a chance to explore the world of music is easy and fun. Some of our best baby music CDs and musical baby books are filled with children’s songs that your child can sing along with, while others teach specific things like counting, ABCs and Spanish, for example. So not only is it a fun and relaxing type of play for your child, but it offers the opportunity for personal expression.

Aside from the straightforward educational benefits, we’ve also found that babies and children who were exposed to our educational baby DVDs, developmental baby toys and baby music CDs develop a lifelong love of the arts. Some develop a talent for dance, singing, acting and playing musical instruments, which are all amazing ways for your child to express their individuality.

The best baby music CDs and musical baby toys will engage children to guide themselves to the artistic activities that appeal most and are most rewarding to them. All parents have to do is provide the right educational baby toys for them to do so. Baby Genius is one of your best resources—with educational baby toys, baby CDs and baby music toys that keep them stimulated and entertained.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Play is Crucial for a Baby Genius

Studies show that play and music are both essential to children’s social, cognitive and emotional development, and that when there is a lack thereof, children may grow up to be unhappy, unproductive adults. When creating our educational baby toys, musical baby books and baby music CDs, we strive to provide tools that are fun and stimulate positive growth while keeping your infant and young children entertained.
Other research shows that when children are play-deprived, they may develop ADHD or depression, grow up to be socially maladjusted, and/or develop a high level of anxiety and stress. An article by psychiatrist Stuart Brown that as published in the Scientific American Mind (2009), stated that in interviews with 26 convicted murderers in Texas, he discovered that they never played as children. While that doesn’t mean that all children who don’t play will become criminals, it does show a reason for a consciousness about ensuring that childhoods are filled with creative, organic play and the use of developmental baby toys, baby music toys and the best baby music CDs available.

Baby development CDs filled with children’s songs, musical baby toys and educational baby DVDs provide ample opportunities to let children run and play with music. Whether they’re singing along with baby music CDs or baby DVDs or playing with musical baby toys, they’re offered a chance to be creative and let the music stimulate organic movement.
Play is an essential part of the childhood of a baby genius. Our baby CDs of children’s songs will inspire your child to dance, sing and move; our baby music toys and musical baby books will teach them how to read and feel music, while stimulating their imagination; and our educational baby DVDs will lead them to learn in a fun, stimulating way.
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