Friday, August 26, 2011

Why Musical Baby Books and Baby Music CDs?

Baby Genius offers a wide range of developmental baby toys that provides parents myriad options to expose their children to music and children’s songs in entertaining ways, through baby music CDs, musical baby books, baby DVDs and other musical baby toys.

While baby music toys are fun for your child, music is much more than just a diversion or form of play. Research shows that exposing babies to music starting at birth, whether through a baby CD or baby music toys, stimulates their brain, promotes the development of listening skills and enhances creativity. Reading and singing along with musical baby books and educational baby DVDs can also help boost emotional and intellectual development and give them an edge when they start school.

Even babies who are too young for basic developmental baby toys, can benefit from listening to baby music CDs and children’s songs and become a baby genius! We offer the best baby music CDs and educational baby DVDs filled with children's songs and classical music specially designed to enhance your baby’s development.

Baby CDs and baby DVDs also offer parents a chance to interact with children. When educational baby toys and baby music incorporate a chance to play with your baby or infant, it allows for bonding and stress reduction for both parent and child. Plus, you’re providing all your child needs to become a baby genius in their own right!

Visit to check out our selection of the best baby music CDs, musical baby toys and educational baby toys. We take baby music to an entirely new level with multifaceted benefits coupled with tons of fun!

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