Monday, August 1, 2011

Play is Crucial for a Baby Genius

Studies show that play and music are both essential to children’s social, cognitive and emotional development, and that when there is a lack thereof, children may grow up to be unhappy, unproductive adults. When creating our educational baby toys, musical baby books and baby music CDs, we strive to provide tools that are fun and stimulate positive growth while keeping your infant and young children entertained.
Other research shows that when children are play-deprived, they may develop ADHD or depression, grow up to be socially maladjusted, and/or develop a high level of anxiety and stress. An article by psychiatrist Stuart Brown that as published in the Scientific American Mind (2009), stated that in interviews with 26 convicted murderers in Texas, he discovered that they never played as children. While that doesn’t mean that all children who don’t play will become criminals, it does show a reason for a consciousness about ensuring that childhoods are filled with creative, organic play and the use of developmental baby toys, baby music toys and the best baby music CDs available.

Baby development CDs filled with children’s songs, musical baby toys and educational baby DVDs provide ample opportunities to let children run and play with music. Whether they’re singing along with baby music CDs or baby DVDs or playing with musical baby toys, they’re offered a chance to be creative and let the music stimulate organic movement.
Play is an essential part of the childhood of a baby genius. Our baby CDs of children’s songs will inspire your child to dance, sing and move; our baby music toys and musical baby books will teach them how to read and feel music, while stimulating their imagination; and our educational baby DVDs will lead them to learn in a fun, stimulating way.
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