Monday, July 25, 2011

The Key to Keeping Play Fun

Play and the playground are essential elements of your baby genius’ childhood—exactly why Baby Genius works hard to create the best baby music CDs, educational baby DVDs and musical baby books for babies and children.

Children’s songs, musical baby books, baby music toys and other developmental toys are an integral way to help children develop their language, through sounds, rhymes and melodies. Our baby CDs, baby DVDs and musical baby toys engage children to listen carefully and pay attention when singing along, which significantly contributes to their speech development and vocabulary, among many other things.

Baby Genius’ musical baby books, educational baby DVDs and other educational baby toys also support the development of reading and comprehension skills. Whether your child is singing a children’s song or flipping through a musical baby book, they are learning to read and sharpening memory skills. Listening to baby CDs or watching baby DVDs stimulates all the senses, while helping children recognize patterns and sequence.

We design our baby CDs, musical baby toys and developmental baby toys to promote creativity and social interaction. Nothing like a good sing-a-long of children’s songs to engage children and their parents! Studies show that early music exposure helps children learn by promoting language, coordination and memory. In addition, the content of Baby Genius’ baby music toys and educational baby toys are designed to instill self-esteem.

Visit to browse our extensive selection of the best baby music CDs, musical baby books developmental baby toys and educational baby DVDs. You will be thrilled with the results you get from working with baby music and our other exciting products!

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