Monday, July 11, 2011

Playroom Organization Tips

When you’re raising a baby genius, it’s essential to design a playroom that inspires your child and keeps them stimulated. While it sounds like an easy, straightforward thing to do, it actually requires some good thought and planning. As the purveyor of the best educational baby toys and musical baby books on the market, Baby Genius is happy to share some tips for creating the perfect playroom.
Don’t overdo the toys
Often times, you walk into a playroom where toys are strewn everywhere. No need to fill the room to the brim with every toy on the market, especially the ones your child or infant no longer uses. De-clutter the room and store the ones they are finished with. An overwhelming abundance of toys can actually stifle their play experience and overwhelm everyone who walks into the room. Have a special shelf to store all your educational baby DVDs, baby CDs and musical baby books.
Maintain eye-level access
It’s difficult for children to see toys when they are stored too high. They should be able to see their toys and grab them with ease.
Set the right vibe
You want the room and everything in it to inspire your child to relax and play freely. Create a space that is inviting to your child. Toys that appear gently used appeal more to children, so open things that are in boxes and bags and display them in a way that attracts your child to play with them. It’s also a great idea to play baby music CDs in the background while they’re playing. Set up a great area for them to view and interact with educational baby DVDs and musical baby toys.
Keep it Fresh
Occasionally rotate toys in and out of the playroom to create a sense of novelty. Children often forget about toys when they aren’t in front of them, so when they are brought back to the room they have a renewed sense of appeal. Whether it’s educational baby toys, stuffed animals, musical baby toys or dolls, it’s always fun for something to feel new.    
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