Thursday, May 31, 2012

Play and Baby Music Toys are key

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Play builds strong family bonds and encourages open expression of feelings—and since baby music is essential to learning and development, combining the two is the wave of the future. 

Research shows that playing baby music even when a child is still in the womb can help to lay a foundation for musical abilities and language skills. Therefore, it’s common sense that the best baby toys most likely include music. Babies are by nature music beings and it’s obvious that they become fascinated when you play it when they’re in the crib.

We all know that lullabies work to relax babies and toddlers, but they also can improve memory and sensory development. Music actually helps to relax both you and your baby and can improve your baby's memory and sensory development.

Baby music toys also encourage the experience of movement, which helps with motor skills and coordination. Singing children’s songs together with actions will encourage your baby to dance and move, which in turn will help them with body awareness and rhythm development.

There are many benefits of surrounding your baby with music, and baby music toys make it even easier. The movement inspired by music helps babies learn balance and coordination, as well as tone and beat. Whether your baby is on his or her way to becoming a musical genius is one thing, but no matter what, musical play will help instill a love and passion for music.

The best baby toys will enable you to keep both yourself and your baby or toddler amused. Playing baby music CDs or DVDs does exactly that and may possibly even have your child singing along before you know it. Make baby music a part of your daily routine and you’ll ensure that babies will be entertained, happy and on a path that benefits their learning and development.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What’s so great about children’s songs?

We can all agree that children’s songs are fun and entertaining, but so are many toys and games that children play. What distinguishes baby music toys from any other ordinary dolls, building blocks or stuffed animals? Do they have benefits that are as substantial as educational baby toys such as puzzles, storybooks or computer games?

Nowadays, parents strive to get their children started learning as early as possible. Baby music can be an extremely motivating and fun way to begin this process, even when they’re still in their cribs. That’s something few other toys can do. When you pop in one of our baby music CDs in your CD player or download some of the tracks to your iPod and play it, you can elicit joy and laughter from your baby and help them build an instinctual sense of rhythm. Likewise, you can lull them to sleep with something like our Favorite Lullabies CD, which features symphonic classics, familiar vocal lullabies and beautiful instrumental originals that are certain to calm and soothe.

When it comes to children’s songs, many a favorite bonding moment is created when parents sing with their child, whether it’s along with musical baby books or to lull them to sleep. Yet this practice does much more than that—singing children’s songs improves comprehension, promotes phonetic learning, assists with memorizing vocabulary, and helps to increase the duration of children’s speech. The rhythm instilled by listening to baby music assists with the development of motor skills and coordination.

Research has shown that listening to baby music CDs can actually help with boosting motivation.  When a child is attentive to a new song or learning movement, they start exercising their brain and developing retention skills. This helps to spark an interest in learning—the best part is, they’ll be having so much fun that they won’t even know it! Plus, when a child is interested and attentive to an art form or learning a new skill, like singing or dancing, they’ll be much more likely to retain what they learn over the long term. Plus, it may reveal inherent musical talents and a love of the arts in general, which can provide a lifetime of benefits, opportunities and fun, whether it becomes a career or hobby.

Baby music toys provide a spectacular method for instilling a love of music and movement, while stimulating their speech development, language skills, cognitive and motor development, and socialization skills.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Baby music CDs make great gifts for baby showers

Baby showers are a tradition stemming all the way back to the early 1900s. Clearly, the goal is to "shower" new moms-to-be before they give birth. While times have changed, the tradition hasn’t. Yet now you can be more creative than in the past—instead of giving diapers, clothing and rattles, you can give fun gifts like baby music CDs that offer exciting developmental value.

Back in the day, baby shower gifts were typically homemade and practical. Now gifts are very wide-ranging—while some are still of a practical nature, others are not at all. Some attendees give the best baby toys you can think of! At a baby shower, you’ll see gifts ranging from cribs, bedding, bathing products and other supplies to dolls, books and baby music CDs.

Another reason why musical baby toys make such great gifts is that they are not gender-specific, and many times, parents don’t want to find out the gender, which leads many toward gifts in the yellow color range. Some of the best baby toys tend to be those that either gender can play with through infancy and toddlerhood.

Instead of looking for standard baby blankets, crib and bassinet accessories and items for the mom-to-be’s diaper bag, think about getting them something they will use for years to come. Musical baby toys provide fun, bonding moments for both baby and parents, so really you’re giving a gift to all involved! Listening and playing to children’s songs is a great de-stressor and can make it easy to teach your child about rhythm and movement, as well as vocabulary—and help them improve their memory skills. Plus, baby music DVDs take it to an entirely new level by featuring stimulating visuals with music and songs that help children to associate different words with their appropriate meanings. It’s a great way to help the new parents-to-be get a head start on their baby’s education.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Effects of Music on Babies

Regardless of whether or not your child will be the next Mozart or Beethoven, baby music is an essential part of their education and development. It’s therefore great to get started early with their exposure to music, whether it’s by playing baby music DVDs for them, letting them play with musical baby toys or handing them musical instruments.

As adults, we know that music can uplift our moods and give us energy, as well as calm our nerves and lull us to sleep. Music can evoke emotions, remind us of past experiences or lead us into a meditative state. Baby music can do the same for your child! It can provide nurturing or help create a setting for a binding experience between parent and child. Simply popping one of our baby music DVDs in your DVD player can provide visual stimulation and the chance for parents to educate children about what they see and hear.

Science has proven that there are tons of benefits to incorporating musical baby toys into your plan for your child’s development and education. Through age six, the most significant brain development takes places—this is also a time when music can have substantial influence. It can help with a child’s fine motor skills, which can also encourage their musical inclination—because who knows, you may have your own musical prodigy on your hands. Whether your child sings along with a baby CD or simply dances around, it will improve their vocal, speaking and listening skills, while increasing their vernacular.

Another factor that baby music improves is social skills. When children are younger, they’re less inhibited and not as worried about making errors. There is no “correct” way to sing or dance, though they learn correct ways to do so when they start school. However, toddlers and preschool children can play with each other in “bands” without worrying about hitting wrong notes or striking the incorrect keys on an instrument. This kind of play helps them develop confidence while learning to share and play with others.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fun baby music toys

Baby music toys are the perfect way to introduce music to your child—and at the earliest ages possible. We already know that babies benefit so much from listening to baby CDs, regardless of the genre of music. The complexity, rhythm and tempos increase activity in the brain and encourage them to move, play and laugh.

Just listening and playing to baby music enhances their creativity and further improves coordination, but as your baby develops control over their hands and gains coordination, a whole new world opens for them, especially when it comes to baby music toys. You can start by letting them play with normal items such as empty boxes or bowls as if they were musical instruments, but why not try out some toys that are specifically designed to enhance the benefits of music and instill a passion for music?

The fun Baby Genius offers doesn’t stop with listening to baby CDs—we offer a wide variety of fun musical baby toys that will keep children busy and entertained for hours on end, while reaping the multitude of benefits music provides. For example, Old McVinko's Musical Farm lets children enjoy exciting role play activities along with six Baby Genius friends. They can watch the chicken lay eggs, feed the animals and milk the cows. When the barn door opens, the Old McVinko song plays, encouraging a ton of laughter and smiles from your infant or toddler.

Another favorite among our baby music toys is DJ's Sing-a-Long Keyboard. Your child can sing along to seven different Baby Genius sing-a-longs or play four different instruments (flute, guitar, saxophone or whistle) to 22 different tunes. A song recording and playback feature allows you to record your child’s masterpiece and play it over and over again! Our All-in-One Musical Band is the perfect way to stimulate your child’s potential for musical inclination. With a Frankie tambourine, two Tempo maracas, a Vinko flute, and a drum with two colorful drumsticks, your little musician can play their favorite instrument and march to their own tune. All-in-one drum storage makes it perfect for when you and your child are on the gol