Thursday, May 10, 2012

Effects of Music on Babies

Regardless of whether or not your child will be the next Mozart or Beethoven, baby music is an essential part of their education and development. It’s therefore great to get started early with their exposure to music, whether it’s by playing baby music DVDs for them, letting them play with musical baby toys or handing them musical instruments.

As adults, we know that music can uplift our moods and give us energy, as well as calm our nerves and lull us to sleep. Music can evoke emotions, remind us of past experiences or lead us into a meditative state. Baby music can do the same for your child! It can provide nurturing or help create a setting for a binding experience between parent and child. Simply popping one of our baby music DVDs in your DVD player can provide visual stimulation and the chance for parents to educate children about what they see and hear.

Science has proven that there are tons of benefits to incorporating musical baby toys into your plan for your child’s development and education. Through age six, the most significant brain development takes places—this is also a time when music can have substantial influence. It can help with a child’s fine motor skills, which can also encourage their musical inclination—because who knows, you may have your own musical prodigy on your hands. Whether your child sings along with a baby CD or simply dances around, it will improve their vocal, speaking and listening skills, while increasing their vernacular.

Another factor that baby music improves is social skills. When children are younger, they’re less inhibited and not as worried about making errors. There is no “correct” way to sing or dance, though they learn correct ways to do so when they start school. However, toddlers and preschool children can play with each other in “bands” without worrying about hitting wrong notes or striking the incorrect keys on an instrument. This kind of play helps them develop confidence while learning to share and play with others.

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