Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What’s so great about children’s songs?

We can all agree that children’s songs are fun and entertaining, but so are many toys and games that children play. What distinguishes baby music toys from any other ordinary dolls, building blocks or stuffed animals? Do they have benefits that are as substantial as educational baby toys such as puzzles, storybooks or computer games?

Nowadays, parents strive to get their children started learning as early as possible. Baby music can be an extremely motivating and fun way to begin this process, even when they’re still in their cribs. That’s something few other toys can do. When you pop in one of our baby music CDs in your CD player or download some of the tracks to your iPod and play it, you can elicit joy and laughter from your baby and help them build an instinctual sense of rhythm. Likewise, you can lull them to sleep with something like our Favorite Lullabies CD, which features symphonic classics, familiar vocal lullabies and beautiful instrumental originals that are certain to calm and soothe.

When it comes to children’s songs, many a favorite bonding moment is created when parents sing with their child, whether it’s along with musical baby books or to lull them to sleep. Yet this practice does much more than that—singing children’s songs improves comprehension, promotes phonetic learning, assists with memorizing vocabulary, and helps to increase the duration of children’s speech. The rhythm instilled by listening to baby music assists with the development of motor skills and coordination.

Research has shown that listening to baby music CDs can actually help with boosting motivation.  When a child is attentive to a new song or learning movement, they start exercising their brain and developing retention skills. This helps to spark an interest in learning—the best part is, they’ll be having so much fun that they won’t even know it! Plus, when a child is interested and attentive to an art form or learning a new skill, like singing or dancing, they’ll be much more likely to retain what they learn over the long term. Plus, it may reveal inherent musical talents and a love of the arts in general, which can provide a lifetime of benefits, opportunities and fun, whether it becomes a career or hobby.

Baby music toys provide a spectacular method for instilling a love of music and movement, while stimulating their speech development, language skills, cognitive and motor development, and socialization skills.

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