Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fun baby music toys

Baby music toys are the perfect way to introduce music to your child—and at the earliest ages possible. We already know that babies benefit so much from listening to baby CDs, regardless of the genre of music. The complexity, rhythm and tempos increase activity in the brain and encourage them to move, play and laugh.

Just listening and playing to baby music enhances their creativity and further improves coordination, but as your baby develops control over their hands and gains coordination, a whole new world opens for them, especially when it comes to baby music toys. You can start by letting them play with normal items such as empty boxes or bowls as if they were musical instruments, but why not try out some toys that are specifically designed to enhance the benefits of music and instill a passion for music?

The fun Baby Genius offers doesn’t stop with listening to baby CDs—we offer a wide variety of fun musical baby toys that will keep children busy and entertained for hours on end, while reaping the multitude of benefits music provides. For example, Old McVinko's Musical Farm lets children enjoy exciting role play activities along with six Baby Genius friends. They can watch the chicken lay eggs, feed the animals and milk the cows. When the barn door opens, the Old McVinko song plays, encouraging a ton of laughter and smiles from your infant or toddler.

Another favorite among our baby music toys is DJ's Sing-a-Long Keyboard. Your child can sing along to seven different Baby Genius sing-a-longs or play four different instruments (flute, guitar, saxophone or whistle) to 22 different tunes. A song recording and playback feature allows you to record your child’s masterpiece and play it over and over again! Our All-in-One Musical Band is the perfect way to stimulate your child’s potential for musical inclination. With a Frankie tambourine, two Tempo maracas, a Vinko flute, and a drum with two colorful drumsticks, your little musician can play their favorite instrument and march to their own tune. All-in-one drum storage makes it perfect for when you and your child are on the gol

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