Thursday, May 31, 2012

Play and Baby Music Toys are key

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Play builds strong family bonds and encourages open expression of feelings—and since baby music is essential to learning and development, combining the two is the wave of the future. 

Research shows that playing baby music even when a child is still in the womb can help to lay a foundation for musical abilities and language skills. Therefore, it’s common sense that the best baby toys most likely include music. Babies are by nature music beings and it’s obvious that they become fascinated when you play it when they’re in the crib.

We all know that lullabies work to relax babies and toddlers, but they also can improve memory and sensory development. Music actually helps to relax both you and your baby and can improve your baby's memory and sensory development.

Baby music toys also encourage the experience of movement, which helps with motor skills and coordination. Singing children’s songs together with actions will encourage your baby to dance and move, which in turn will help them with body awareness and rhythm development.

There are many benefits of surrounding your baby with music, and baby music toys make it even easier. The movement inspired by music helps babies learn balance and coordination, as well as tone and beat. Whether your baby is on his or her way to becoming a musical genius is one thing, but no matter what, musical play will help instill a love and passion for music.

The best baby toys will enable you to keep both yourself and your baby or toddler amused. Playing baby music CDs or DVDs does exactly that and may possibly even have your child singing along before you know it. Make baby music a part of your daily routine and you’ll ensure that babies will be entertained, happy and on a path that benefits their learning and development.

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