Monday, June 4, 2012

Introduce music with musical baby toys

Musical baby toys are an excellent way to introduce music early to your baby or toddler. Whether you think you’ve got a baby Beethoven in your family or simply want to instill a love of music, introducing music via baby music toys or baby music CDs will help encourage musical talents and inclinations, while providing a host of other benefits as well.

While your infant or toddler may be too young to practice keys on a piano or strum chords on a guitar, they sure can pick up on the rhythm, tones and beats when you pop in one of Baby Genius’ baby music CDs or sing children’s songs to them. That is literally all you have to do for them to experience the myriad benefits baby music has to offer. 

The benefits of musical baby toys have been the subject of much child development research, which finds that they can significantly boost a child’s development. They enhance creativity and provide sensory stimulation that is hard to match with any other type of toys. What other toys encourage physical development through movement and benefit motor skills and coordination, while also helping to boost language skills, vocabulary and memorization?

Using baby music to enhance development doesn’t need to be expensive. It can be as easy as listening to a baby CD or just singing children’s songs to your child. As they start to learn words, when they sing along with you, phonemic learning will be improved and they’ll learn new vocabulary quickly. Research indicates that it doesn’t even matter what genre of music you play for your child—the exposure to the differing tempos and rhythm patterns helps stimulate their mind. In turn, their memory skills improve and they learn to identify their surroundings and objects in their midst.

Once your child can start singing along with children’s songs, they’ll learn about rhyming as well—especially with songs featuring nursery rhymes. The entertaining format introduces children to narrative voice, again boosting language skills and creating a foundation for them to learn to read and spell. It’s been found that that when children show difficulties recognizing words that rhyme, they may experience difficulties when learning to read. Playing songs that feature nursery rhymes can lead to better reading skills and avoiding obstacles with learning and comprehension. In addition, learning to listen helps kids develop an natural love of books.

Fun children’s songs also promote socialization. Children are always inspired to move and dancing to children’s songs, and in a group setting, easily inspire each other to join in on the fun.

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