Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Having fun with children's songs

Play is an essential part of your child’s development and one of the most memorable parts of their childhood. While toys and the playground are sources for unlimited fun, children’s songs and baby music also offer hours of enjoyment, as well as wide-ranging benefits that will help your child get a head start on learning and the development of critical skills.

When you sing children’s songs to your infant or toddler, and especially when they sing along, their language skills are boosted through sounds, rhymes and melodies. While it doesn’t matter what type of songs you sing, children’s songs and those featuring nursery rhymes have a fun element that increases your child’s joy.

You can also simply pop developmental music CDs in your iPod or mp3 player—these will engage your infant or toddler and encourage movement, which will help to boost their coordination and fine motor skills. In addition, playing a baby CD for your child instills a desire to listen carefully and pay attention so they can sing along. This behavior significantly contributes to speech development and vocabulary, among many other things.

Reading to your child with musical baby books supports the development of reading and comprehension skills, as well as phonemic learning. When your child looks through a musical baby book and sings along, they start the process of learning to read and sharpen their memory skills easily and naturally.

In addition, listening to baby music CDs helps children learn to recognize patterns and sequences. While this can obviously inspire a passion for music, or even a musical inclination, it also assists them with analytical thinking and builds the type of thought processes that helps them with learning math and science as they get older. Even if your child is still in the crib, a baby CD will inspire movement and can soothe them—we all know what lullabies can do for a restless infant!

Playing a baby CD for your child also promotes creativity and social interaction. Nothing beats a good sing-a-long when it comes to engaging children to bond with their parents and other children. This type of early exposure to music helps children learn by promoting language, coordination and memory. Plus, believe it or not, listening to baby music can be a great stress reliever for parents! Being silly and childlike is fun and relaxing, and allows adults to reminisce about their own childhood.

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