Sunday, July 1, 2012

Baby music and play

Children have an inherent sense of curiosity and an inclination for creativity that is significantly encouraged and inspired by music for babies. While there are many toys that can boost learning capabilities and improve overall development, few can produce the level of results that musical baby toys can—even some of the best educational baby toys don’t compare.

There are many ways to optimize your use of baby music in your child’s development process, starting from when they’re an infant. It’s truly never too early to get started—in fact, some mothers-to-be even play a baby cd for their children while they’re still in the womb! Research has shown this to be very effective. Below we suggest some ways to make the most out of baby music toys.  

Try to incorporate music into daily tasks. In addition to the standard use of a baby cd that you might employ throughout the day, such as lullabies, why not create some other rituals to engage your infant and toddler?

Try singing children’s songs at feeding time to create a fun ritual that is also a bonding experience for both of you and breaks up the monotony. When your child is in pre-school and learning about chores, you can teach them a song about the cleaning up process.

Bath time is another great opportunity to sing songs or play
baby music DVDs in the background. This is ideal when you have a child who doesn’t enjoy bath time at first. They’ll get to enjoy the benefits of music while also having all of their senses stimulated, making for a fun experience that they’ll ultimately look forward to. Some parents even sing children’s songs to their baby when it’s time to change their diapers.

Instead of watching general television programming, why not play baby music DVDs instead? This will inspire them to sing along and build their vocabulary from early in their childhood, while also teaching them to associate certain words with visuals. Their language skills will improve, their vocabulary will increase and phonemic learning will be boosted.

It’s hard for even the best baby toys to beat the multitude of benefits that baby music can provide. Plus, a love of music will develop from early on, fostering an interest in the arts overall, and they may even develop musical talents that will instill an exciting hobby or possibly even a career. You never know, your child may be a musical baby genius!

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