Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baby music DVDs can make a child’s world

Baby music can have a profound effect upon all aspects of a child’s growth, including their physical, social, emotional and spiritual development. Even toys as simple as baby music DVDs or a baby CD can have a significant impact upon a child’s world, as they provide ways to tie together all the elements that create a vibrant, stimulating environment that enhances all efforts to prepare them for learning. 

In addition to the effect that baby toys with a musical focus can have upon a child’s development of social skills with their peers, they also offer an array of opportunities for parents to share bonding experiences with their child. When a parent and child watch baby music DVDs together, it’s nearly impossible for either to sit still. Both will be inspired to sing along with the music, as well as dance and move, resulting in laughter and joyous exchanges. The experience allows everyone to relax and de-stress, while also offering the opportunity for the child to learn from the vibrant visuals and associate words with their appropriate meanings. 

In general, baby toys with a musical focus are, in essence, a resource for the preparation and enhancement of academic learning. While singing along to children’s songs from a baby CD is an ideal way to nurture the parent child relationship that requires no expertise, they encourage musical inclination and provide a critical foundation for developing language skills, phonemic learning and memory skills. Children also develop the essential skill of listening, which creates a great basis for learning to read, as well as comprehension. A great example is a baby CD like Favorite ABCs & Counting Songs, which introduces children to the world of both numbers and the alphabet with funny, engaging songs.

Baby Genius’ popular assortment of baby music DVDs pair delightful baby music and classic nursery rhymes with compelling images, enthralling animation and live action that captivate infants and children for hours while exposing them to a wide world of everything from animals and underwater creatures to colors, shapes, numbers and words. It’s hard to believe these are actually toys!

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