Sunday, July 22, 2012

A parent who loves baby music

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Dear Baby Genius—

I want to share my awesome experience with your baby music CDs! These wonderful collections are so high quality and lack all the gimmicks and fluff I’ve seen from other producers of baby music products. It’s so obvious that they are specifically geared towards the needs of infants and young children.

I originally purchased a baby CD for the sole purpose of lulling my baby girl to sleep, particularly during those late night feedings when I was too tired to sing her a lullaby. The soothing sounds of Baby Genius’ Favorite Lullabies CD did exactly that—she quickly calmed down and the sounds even helped me to fall back to sleep (I could hear them through the baby monitor).

I noticed one morning when I had one of your baby music CDs playing in the background, after forgetting to turn my iPod dock off the previous night, that she was actively moving and laughing to the sounds of the music. It was like she was having her own little dance party right there in her crib! I could tell that the music was very stimulating to her and held her attention for quite a while—often times all the way through to nap time!

I started researching the effect of baby music on infants and toddlers, and learned that it offers so many invaluable benefits for children. I quickly ordered some more CDs filled with children’s songs and nursery rhymes, and also started looking into baby toys with a musical slant.

My daughter is now on her way to becoming a toddler and is learning to walk, talk and enjoy herself. I can tell that her listening and comprehension skills have been bolstered and that she is learning new words from the music she listens to. She initiates movements and is learning rhythm all on her own, and wiggles and claps along with her favorite songs.

My daughter loves all the children’s songs she hears and tries to sing or at least coo along with them. Whenever she plays with baby toys with musical elements, she smiles and laughs for hours on end—and never wants to put them down. They’ve quickly become her favorites! I almost think that she might have inherited some musical talents from her father, whose number one hobby is playing in a neighborhood band. Perhaps they’ve got a new member in the making!
I’m so happy I found your wonderful products!

One very happy mother

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