Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The best baby toys for road trips

It’s summertime and most of us are bound to take a vacation in coming weeks. So what are the best baby toys for keeping your little ones entertained while on a road trip?

Your best bet is to find fun and portable toys that will keep your child captivated for the actual travel time involved, as well as downtime on the trip. If you’re planning a road trip, you’ll be in a great place if you pick up some baby music CDs. You can have sing-a-longs with your little ones to pass the time away, while simultaneously helping them to develop their memorization skills and expand their vocabulary. You can try some fun options such as Baby Genius’ Favorite Silly Songs, a compilation of zany musical rhymes and quirky songs about animals and people. Another good choice is the 2 CD set, Favorite Nursery Rhyme Songs.

If you have an infant, you can lull them to sleep with other baby music CDs, including Favorite Lullabies, which is a no-brainer for helping babies get a little shut-eye. Another favorite baby CD for soothing infants, toddlers and parents alike is Favorite Classical Tunes, which features over 30 musical pieces from Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Brahms and many more of the world's most loved composers.

If you are lucky enough to have an iPad or DVD player in the car, then why not get some DVDs that feature baby music coupled with stimulating visuals to keep them occupied for many hours. You can choose from an entertaining array that can introduce your child to everything from Mozart and math concepts to baby animals and underwater creatures.

Both infants and toddlers will be enthralled by Favorite Counting Songs, which uses stunning visuals to help expose children to the wonderful world of numbers. They’ll learn how to count from one to 10 as they watch footage of children in a karate class, a marching band, a rowing club and practicing cheerleading moves. One of the most popular DVDs that features baby music is Underwater Adventures, which pairs fun classical music with colorful imagery of underwater sea life such as dolphins, manta rays, sea lions, manta rays and more.

Great baby toys will affect your child in many positive ways, from teaching them words and numbers to inspiring physical, emotional and social growth. The best baby toys will do all that and keep them entertained during road trips and other forms of summer travel!

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