Thursday, August 9, 2012

Telling stories with musical baby toys

Many studies show that nearly 50 percent of children start school with mediocre to poor language skills. Learning the art of storytelling can instill a love of words and language in children—imagine what they will garner from learning to tell stories with musical baby toys

Research also shows that there is a direct link between a child’s ability to communicate with their long-term academic success and social progress. By the time a child starts kindergarten, we have a good idea of their vocabulary level. Baby music toys have been proven to enhance a child’s language skills, expand their vocabulary and improve their listening skills. This is why starting to work with baby music toys and baby DVD products when children are toddlers is so instrumental in their overall growth and development.

Learning to tell stories helps a child develop their social skills—they learn that their body is a tool for communication and that tones can be used to emphasize the content of what they say. If you combine the practice of telling stories with the use of musical baby toys, you’ll have a stimulating form of play that advances your child’s development on so many levels.

When you pop a baby DVD in for your child to watch and listen to, they are also learning about storytelling. Even baby music DVDs allow for them to learn from the story being told through children’s songs and the associated visuals. They will expand their vocabulary and learn the meaning of certain words, while also learning how a storyteller’s tones and inflection can enhance comprehension of what they’re trying to convey.

Baby music DVDs also encourage children to move and dance, teaching them rhythm and further increasing their understanding of how their body is also a tool for communication. The animated communication coupled with stimulating visuals will encourage them to listen to and share with others, which will, in turn, help with the development of social skills.

Whether you work with baby music toys or sing along to children’s songs on the radio or a baby CD, you’re offering your child a new way of understanding, while exposing them to a vast array of social and educational benefits. Who knew it could be so easy?

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