Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How a Baby CD can save your vacation

August is here and many families take this time to get away from reality and take a break. Last week, we talked about some of the best baby toys for road trips—but whether you pack up the family car or fly away to an island getaway, having a baby CD or two or some other musical baby toys can save the day when you’ve got some time to kill, are looking to relax or need to keep your child occupied.

There’s nothing like singing children’s songs with your infant or toddler to make traveling time pass quickly. But there are also times when encouraging your child to sing along with a baby CD can keep them happy and occupied during downtime on your vacation. If you’re at the beach all day and they don’t realize how tired they actually are, playing some soothing songs for them will help them organically crave naptime when their schedule is all turned around.

If you happen to have an iPad or your hotel room has a DVD player, you’re in serious luck! Playing DVDs with baby music is a perfect way to entertain them after dinner. They may not have all of their favorite toys with them on the trip, but that’s easily forgotten when they’re watching the fun and stimulating scenes of toddling tigers, fuzzy orangutans and other newborns play at the San Diego Zoo in the popular Baby Animals Favorite Sing-A-Longs DVD. It features fun children’s songs that are nearly impossible not sing and dance along to.

When on vacation, children’s schedules get thrown off and bedtime may come a little later than usual. This is another great time to take advantage of some baby music. You can pop in an obvious choice such as the Favorite Lullabies baby CD or Favorite Classical Tunes, which includes famous composers from Bach to Beethoven.

There are also awesome
DVDs with baby music that feature soothing songs—Mozart and Friends Sleepytime is the perfect way to expose your child to the classics while lulling them to sleep.

There’s also a great new collection available from Baby Genius—Precious Moments, which contains inspirational messages. The Precious Moments Lullabies CD is another no-brainer, offering soothing vocals and beautiful sounds.

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