Sunday, July 22, 2012

A parent who loves baby music

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Dear Baby Genius—

I want to share my awesome experience with your baby music CDs! These wonderful collections are so high quality and lack all the gimmicks and fluff I’ve seen from other producers of baby music products. It’s so obvious that they are specifically geared towards the needs of infants and young children.

I originally purchased a baby CD for the sole purpose of lulling my baby girl to sleep, particularly during those late night feedings when I was too tired to sing her a lullaby. The soothing sounds of Baby Genius’ Favorite Lullabies CD did exactly that—she quickly calmed down and the sounds even helped me to fall back to sleep (I could hear them through the baby monitor).

I noticed one morning when I had one of your baby music CDs playing in the background, after forgetting to turn my iPod dock off the previous night, that she was actively moving and laughing to the sounds of the music. It was like she was having her own little dance party right there in her crib! I could tell that the music was very stimulating to her and held her attention for quite a while—often times all the way through to nap time!

I started researching the effect of baby music on infants and toddlers, and learned that it offers so many invaluable benefits for children. I quickly ordered some more CDs filled with children’s songs and nursery rhymes, and also started looking into baby toys with a musical slant.

My daughter is now on her way to becoming a toddler and is learning to walk, talk and enjoy herself. I can tell that her listening and comprehension skills have been bolstered and that she is learning new words from the music she listens to. She initiates movements and is learning rhythm all on her own, and wiggles and claps along with her favorite songs.

My daughter loves all the children’s songs she hears and tries to sing or at least coo along with them. Whenever she plays with baby toys with musical elements, she smiles and laughs for hours on end—and never wants to put them down. They’ve quickly become her favorites! I almost think that she might have inherited some musical talents from her father, whose number one hobby is playing in a neighborhood band. Perhaps they’ve got a new member in the making!
I’m so happy I found your wonderful products!

One very happy mother

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baby music DVDs can make a child’s world

Baby music can have a profound effect upon all aspects of a child’s growth, including their physical, social, emotional and spiritual development. Even toys as simple as baby music DVDs or a baby CD can have a significant impact upon a child’s world, as they provide ways to tie together all the elements that create a vibrant, stimulating environment that enhances all efforts to prepare them for learning. 

In addition to the effect that baby toys with a musical focus can have upon a child’s development of social skills with their peers, they also offer an array of opportunities for parents to share bonding experiences with their child. When a parent and child watch baby music DVDs together, it’s nearly impossible for either to sit still. Both will be inspired to sing along with the music, as well as dance and move, resulting in laughter and joyous exchanges. The experience allows everyone to relax and de-stress, while also offering the opportunity for the child to learn from the vibrant visuals and associate words with their appropriate meanings. 

In general, baby toys with a musical focus are, in essence, a resource for the preparation and enhancement of academic learning. While singing along to children’s songs from a baby CD is an ideal way to nurture the parent child relationship that requires no expertise, they encourage musical inclination and provide a critical foundation for developing language skills, phonemic learning and memory skills. Children also develop the essential skill of listening, which creates a great basis for learning to read, as well as comprehension. A great example is a baby CD like Favorite ABCs & Counting Songs, which introduces children to the world of both numbers and the alphabet with funny, engaging songs.

Baby Genius’ popular assortment of baby music DVDs pair delightful baby music and classic nursery rhymes with compelling images, enthralling animation and live action that captivate infants and children for hours while exposing them to a wide world of everything from animals and underwater creatures to colors, shapes, numbers and words. It’s hard to believe these are actually toys!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Baby music makes great gifts

Shopping for a gift for a baby shower can be tough when the parents have decided not to find out the baby’s gender in advance. A safe bet for infant boys or girls is anything to do with baby music! It’s not just about lullabies—the benefits that it can provide are wide-ranging and keep infants and toddlers happy and entertained for extensive periods of time.

Musical baby toys can foster creativity, encourage self-expression and bolster confidence, while helping children to build their social, cognitive and physical skills. Whenever a parent pops a baby dvd in the DVD player, you can rest assured that all of the child’s sense will be stimulated by the colorful visuals and fun baby music. 

The best part is that children love to watch developmental music dvds even when they’re outgrow their cribs. They love to watch and participate—every baby dvd by Baby Genius encourages children to start singing and dancing—not to mention laugh!

When you and your child watch baby music dvds together, you get to share a bonding experience. Singing along and dancing benefits both their physical development and language skills. Wiggling, moving and dancing to baby music boosts gross and fine motor experiences, and can even assist with overcoming physical challenges. It improves coordination and also helps them to develop rhythm and recognize tonal patterns.

Playing with musical baby toys or singing along with a baby dvd helps children build communication skills and expands their vocabulary, and also helps them to develop storytelling skills. Overall, this helps them with reading and comprehension, and teaches them crucial listening skills. This is very helpful for when children progress to pre-school and kindergarten, as their social skills will already be developing. They will be able to listen well to others, which makes it easier to make friends and learn from their teachers. Baby music also teaches children how to unwind and de-stress.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The benefits of a Baby CD

You’ve probably realized by now that a baby cd filled with children’s songs can keep your infant or toddler entertained for hours on end. It provides such relief and joy for parents to see their child giggling and moving as they listen to fun baby music, and even sing along if they’re already learning to talk. 

It’s true that a baby cd can soothe and provide fun for your child, but did you know that it can significantly help with your child’s development and learning on several fundamental levels?

The best baby toys stimulate your child’s senses while encouraging and preparing them for learning and their education. However, few can provide as many benefits towards both of those two goals—yet those toys that incorporate baby music actually cover almost every possible area of learning.

For example, listening to children’s songs on a baby CD gets your child’s creative juices flowing and helps them to develop language skills and phonemic learning. It also encourages them to hum and sing along with the music, ultimately enhancing elocution skills and expanding their vocabulary. Singing along to children’s songs and baby music teaches them about rhyme and rhythm, which has been shown to significantly benefit their overall awareness and learning.

Whether you play your child music from classic composers like Mozart or favorite toddler sing-alongs, they are also going to be encouraged to move around when they’re still in the crib and dance when they’re a toddler. This can inspire musical talent and inclination and instill a passion for the arts. It will also help them with relaxing and de-stressing and create many opportunities for parents and children to share bonding experiences while singing along and dancing together.

Make sure to get your child the best baby toys possible, ones that are fun and entertaining, yet also offer a host of developmental benefits.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Baby music and play

Children have an inherent sense of curiosity and an inclination for creativity that is significantly encouraged and inspired by music for babies. While there are many toys that can boost learning capabilities and improve overall development, few can produce the level of results that musical baby toys can—even some of the best educational baby toys don’t compare.

There are many ways to optimize your use of baby music in your child’s development process, starting from when they’re an infant. It’s truly never too early to get started—in fact, some mothers-to-be even play a baby cd for their children while they’re still in the womb! Research has shown this to be very effective. Below we suggest some ways to make the most out of baby music toys.  

Try to incorporate music into daily tasks. In addition to the standard use of a baby cd that you might employ throughout the day, such as lullabies, why not create some other rituals to engage your infant and toddler?

Try singing children’s songs at feeding time to create a fun ritual that is also a bonding experience for both of you and breaks up the monotony. When your child is in pre-school and learning about chores, you can teach them a song about the cleaning up process.

Bath time is another great opportunity to sing songs or play
baby music DVDs in the background. This is ideal when you have a child who doesn’t enjoy bath time at first. They’ll get to enjoy the benefits of music while also having all of their senses stimulated, making for a fun experience that they’ll ultimately look forward to. Some parents even sing children’s songs to their baby when it’s time to change their diapers.

Instead of watching general television programming, why not play baby music DVDs instead? This will inspire them to sing along and build their vocabulary from early in their childhood, while also teaching them to associate certain words with visuals. Their language skills will improve, their vocabulary will increase and phonemic learning will be boosted.

It’s hard for even the best baby toys to beat the multitude of benefits that baby music can provide. Plus, a love of music will develop from early on, fostering an interest in the arts overall, and they may even develop musical talents that will instill an exciting hobby or possibly even a career. You never know, your child may be a musical baby genius!