Sunday, July 8, 2012

Baby music makes great gifts

Shopping for a gift for a baby shower can be tough when the parents have decided not to find out the baby’s gender in advance. A safe bet for infant boys or girls is anything to do with baby music! It’s not just about lullabies—the benefits that it can provide are wide-ranging and keep infants and toddlers happy and entertained for extensive periods of time.

Musical baby toys can foster creativity, encourage self-expression and bolster confidence, while helping children to build their social, cognitive and physical skills. Whenever a parent pops a baby dvd in the DVD player, you can rest assured that all of the child’s sense will be stimulated by the colorful visuals and fun baby music. 

The best part is that children love to watch developmental music dvds even when they’re outgrow their cribs. They love to watch and participate—every baby dvd by Baby Genius encourages children to start singing and dancing—not to mention laugh!

When you and your child watch baby music dvds together, you get to share a bonding experience. Singing along and dancing benefits both their physical development and language skills. Wiggling, moving and dancing to baby music boosts gross and fine motor experiences, and can even assist with overcoming physical challenges. It improves coordination and also helps them to develop rhythm and recognize tonal patterns.

Playing with musical baby toys or singing along with a baby dvd helps children build communication skills and expands their vocabulary, and also helps them to develop storytelling skills. Overall, this helps them with reading and comprehension, and teaches them crucial listening skills. This is very helpful for when children progress to pre-school and kindergarten, as their social skills will already be developing. They will be able to listen well to others, which makes it easier to make friends and learn from their teachers. Baby music also teaches children how to unwind and de-stress.

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