Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby music toys make children happy!

There’s a reason Baby Genius creates such stellar baby music toys—not just because they help every aspect of a child’s development, but because we know they keep little ones smiling and happy. While a colorful crib and visually stimulation mobiles may be the first things to set them in a happy direction, we know there are many other things that provide positive stimulation, the most important being interaction with a parent. That’s exactly why all of our products are geared to create and enhance a bonding experience between parent and child, whether it’s about mom or dad singing children’s songs to them, dancing around and making faces, or reading and singing along with musical baby books.

Playing with mom and dad makes babies and infants happy, while also helping them develop the skills they need for future happiness. It’s easy to see that dancing around to infant/toddler music CDs are is a fun activity that leads to immediate joy, but how does it affect a child’s future? Studies have found that lifelong happiness is often a characteristic of those who have mastered a skill. So if your child has an affinity for listening to, dancing to or singing along with children's songs, then they may have a talent or passion for music, and Baby Genius toys gives them a chance to start developing it as earlier as possible. Whether music becomes a career or simply a hobby or lifelong interest, being able cultivate it at a young age establishes a ground work for enjoyment.

Just like adults, children need to develop their own interests so they can enjoy their life as a whole. While popping in baby music CDs can soothe and entertain your infant or toddler, it also helps them find and develop an interest in the early stages of their life.

Baby music toys also help children develop the motor skills and coordination needed not just for a career or hobby in music, but for sports or other physical movement that can lead them to be a well-adjusted child, teen, and ultimately, adult.

Most importantly, Baby Genius toys make children smile. Watch how your infant or toddler reacts when you read and sing along to musical baby books with them. They giggle, point at the stimulate visuals and want to move as much as they can. While these books are obviously great tools for learning to read and developing comprehension, they also offer the chance for children to experience storytelling, but in a way that enhances all five senses, leading to a rich overall experience with lasting benefits.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Children’s songs and the stages of play

Studies show that infants and children of all ages enjoy children’s songs and garner significant benefits, no matter what age. From language development and reading comprehension to motor skills and coordination, the advantages gained from playing with baby music DVDs and similar products are unparalleled in regards to toys.

At Baby Genius, we’ve created an array of baby music CDs that encourage learning throughout the stages of play. From infancy through the end of their first year, babies are experimenting with their five senses and learning about their movements. They also develop social attachments to voices and facial expressions.

During this period, listening to baby music CDs helps babies develop their motor skills and sense of rhythm. They move around to the music and watch their parents’ facial expressions as they sing along or read to them from musical baby books. It’s a great time to bond as well.

When children become toddlers, ages one to three, their desire to play grows exponentially. They start to learn and sing along with children’s songs, which helps them learn to read, and expand their memory skills and coordination. During this time, they gain a sense of self through practice and repetition. This is also a great period of developing vocabulary and language skills—and the perfect time to take advantage of baby music DVDs and similar musical toys.

Since language development is so crucial during toddlerhood, it’s essential for adults to talk to their children and read to them. Musical baby books are an ideal way to augment this process, as storytelling provides a meaningful context for learning concepts and skills, while the musical element helps them learn about rhyme and rhythm, which boosts overall learning significantly.

During early childhood, ages three to five, children truly thrive with play. In preschool, they’re developing their imagination and getting more physical. This is a great time to play a baby music DVD with stimulating visuals so they can further develop their motor skills while learning to associate certain images with words.

Whichever stage of play your child is in, using a little creativity and taking advantage of great baby DVD products and musical baby toys will enhance their learning experience in an amazing way.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nursery rhymes make learning fun!

At Baby Genius, we’ve found that baby music DVDs encourage children to listen, learn and read. We’ve also learned that nursery rhymes are an incredible way to encourage children even more. The entertaining format of rhymes, poems and silly children’s songs introduce infants and children to the idea of a narrative, while boosting language skills and laying the foundation for learning to read and spell.

In addition, baby music DVDs featuring nursery rhymes promote social skills. Dancing around to children’s songs obviously improves coordination and motor skills, but also helps children learn to appreciate and develop skills for rhyme and rhythm. In turn, their memory skills improve and they learn to identify things around them and their surroundings.

The effect of baby music CDs has been studied in much child development research. It’s been found that that when children show difficulties recognizing words that rhyme, they may go on to suffer problems learning to read. Including nursery rhymes in early childhood play and learning can lead to better reading skills and avoiding obstacles with learning and comprehension. Plus, learning to listen helps kids develop an affinity for books.

Our baby music CDs help children learn to explore their imagination and associate words with certain pictures. Dancing, reading and acting out nursery rhymes with your children teaches them that words can be used to convey thoughts and express emotions. Whether they are listening to a CD or watching a baby DVD, children learn to identify and understand different things. Both parents and children will have fun working with our products with classic nursery rhymes as they learn to appreciate and understand the humor that many of these rhymes contain.

Nursery rhymes and children's songs are wonderful traditions to be shared with our children. Our Favorite Nursery Rhymes DVD combines playful music and delightful images to catch your child’s attention. Animation and live action combined with classic nursery rhymes will get your children moving! Favorite Nursery Rhymes features familiar classics like Old McDonald’s Farm; Row, Row, Row Your Boat; Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, along with Baby Genius originals and more. Our Favorite Toddler Tunes 2 CD package introduces toddlers to a playful world of children's music with 40 lively songs that teach them numbers, the ABCs and favorite nursery rhymes.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What Do Underwater Adventures & Children's Songs Have in Common?

We’ve been touting the benefits of children’s songs since our inception. It’s impossible to deny the wide-ranging ways that baby music encourages learning—we’ve discovered how it helps children develop coordination and motor skills, learn vocabulary, and improve memorization skills, as well as encourage socialization.

Yet one important aspect that is often overlooked is that when children learn nursery rhymes and children’s songs, they also learn the art of listening. Simply developing the habit and skill of learning what they are listening to is an essential step in learning to read. When children watch and sing along to baby music DVDs and children's songs, they learn to associate certain visuals with their related words and meaning, resulting in an increased capacity for vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Some great examples are baby music DVD’s like Baby Genius Animal Adventures and Underwater Adventures. By providing authentic, stimulating visuals of animals in their natural environments, Animal Adventures helps children associate animals with their correct names while focusing on learning. The footage on this baby DVD was filmed at the world famous. San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park.

Underwater Adventures is another baby DVD that features colorful images of undersea life—dolphins, sea lions, manta rays, and more ocean creatures move to enchanting classical music. Playful baby music and delightful images comprise Favorite Nursery Rhymes, where classic nursery rhymes are paired with exciting animation and live action. Favorite Nursery Rhymes features familiar classics like Old McDonald’s Farm; Row, Row, Row Your Boat; Twinkle, and Twinkle Little Star; along with Baby Genius originals.

Baby Genius also teaches children about the classics with baby music DVDs such as Mozart and Friends, which features a rich array of classical compositions, while introducing your infant or toddler to the world of colors, shapes, letters, numbers and more. This amazing dvd will stimulate your child’s mind and delight their senses with classical music coupled with vibrant, stunning imagery. Both parent and child will enjoy the soothing, tranquility of nature, with the sounds of falling water, rustling autumn leaves, and spring songbirds juxtaposed against the vibrant and ever-changing landscapes of all four glorious seasons.