Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What Do Underwater Adventures & Children's Songs Have in Common?

We’ve been touting the benefits of children’s songs since our inception. It’s impossible to deny the wide-ranging ways that baby music encourages learning—we’ve discovered how it helps children develop coordination and motor skills, learn vocabulary, and improve memorization skills, as well as encourage socialization.

Yet one important aspect that is often overlooked is that when children learn nursery rhymes and children’s songs, they also learn the art of listening. Simply developing the habit and skill of learning what they are listening to is an essential step in learning to read. When children watch and sing along to baby music DVDs and children's songs, they learn to associate certain visuals with their related words and meaning, resulting in an increased capacity for vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Some great examples are baby music DVD’s like Baby Genius Animal Adventures and Underwater Adventures. By providing authentic, stimulating visuals of animals in their natural environments, Animal Adventures helps children associate animals with their correct names while focusing on learning. The footage on this baby DVD was filmed at the world famous. San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park.

Underwater Adventures is another baby DVD that features colorful images of undersea life—dolphins, sea lions, manta rays, and more ocean creatures move to enchanting classical music. Playful baby music and delightful images comprise Favorite Nursery Rhymes, where classic nursery rhymes are paired with exciting animation and live action. Favorite Nursery Rhymes features familiar classics like Old McDonald’s Farm; Row, Row, Row Your Boat; Twinkle, and Twinkle Little Star; along with Baby Genius originals.

Baby Genius also teaches children about the classics with baby music DVDs such as Mozart and Friends, which features a rich array of classical compositions, while introducing your infant or toddler to the world of colors, shapes, letters, numbers and more. This amazing dvd will stimulate your child’s mind and delight their senses with classical music coupled with vibrant, stunning imagery. Both parent and child will enjoy the soothing, tranquility of nature, with the sounds of falling water, rustling autumn leaves, and spring songbirds juxtaposed against the vibrant and ever-changing landscapes of all four glorious seasons.

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