Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby music toys make children happy!

There’s a reason Baby Genius creates such stellar baby music toys—not just because they help every aspect of a child’s development, but because we know they keep little ones smiling and happy. While a colorful crib and visually stimulation mobiles may be the first things to set them in a happy direction, we know there are many other things that provide positive stimulation, the most important being interaction with a parent. That’s exactly why all of our products are geared to create and enhance a bonding experience between parent and child, whether it’s about mom or dad singing children’s songs to them, dancing around and making faces, or reading and singing along with musical baby books.

Playing with mom and dad makes babies and infants happy, while also helping them develop the skills they need for future happiness. It’s easy to see that dancing around to infant/toddler music CDs are is a fun activity that leads to immediate joy, but how does it affect a child’s future? Studies have found that lifelong happiness is often a characteristic of those who have mastered a skill. So if your child has an affinity for listening to, dancing to or singing along with children's songs, then they may have a talent or passion for music, and Baby Genius toys gives them a chance to start developing it as earlier as possible. Whether music becomes a career or simply a hobby or lifelong interest, being able cultivate it at a young age establishes a ground work for enjoyment.

Just like adults, children need to develop their own interests so they can enjoy their life as a whole. While popping in baby music CDs can soothe and entertain your infant or toddler, it also helps them find and develop an interest in the early stages of their life.

Baby music toys also help children develop the motor skills and coordination needed not just for a career or hobby in music, but for sports or other physical movement that can lead them to be a well-adjusted child, teen, and ultimately, adult.

Most importantly, Baby Genius toys make children smile. Watch how your infant or toddler reacts when you read and sing along to musical baby books with them. They giggle, point at the stimulate visuals and want to move as much as they can. While these books are obviously great tools for learning to read and developing comprehension, they also offer the chance for children to experience storytelling, but in a way that enhances all five senses, leading to a rich overall experience with lasting benefits.

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