Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Children’s songs and the stages of play

Studies show that infants and children of all ages enjoy children’s songs and garner significant benefits, no matter what age. From language development and reading comprehension to motor skills and coordination, the advantages gained from playing with baby music DVDs and similar products are unparalleled in regards to toys.

At Baby Genius, we’ve created an array of baby music CDs that encourage learning throughout the stages of play. From infancy through the end of their first year, babies are experimenting with their five senses and learning about their movements. They also develop social attachments to voices and facial expressions.

During this period, listening to baby music CDs helps babies develop their motor skills and sense of rhythm. They move around to the music and watch their parents’ facial expressions as they sing along or read to them from musical baby books. It’s a great time to bond as well.

When children become toddlers, ages one to three, their desire to play grows exponentially. They start to learn and sing along with children’s songs, which helps them learn to read, and expand their memory skills and coordination. During this time, they gain a sense of self through practice and repetition. This is also a great period of developing vocabulary and language skills—and the perfect time to take advantage of baby music DVDs and similar musical toys.

Since language development is so crucial during toddlerhood, it’s essential for adults to talk to their children and read to them. Musical baby books are an ideal way to augment this process, as storytelling provides a meaningful context for learning concepts and skills, while the musical element helps them learn about rhyme and rhythm, which boosts overall learning significantly.

During early childhood, ages three to five, children truly thrive with play. In preschool, they’re developing their imagination and getting more physical. This is a great time to play a baby music DVD with stimulating visuals so they can further develop their motor skills while learning to associate certain images with words.

Whichever stage of play your child is in, using a little creativity and taking advantage of great baby DVD products and musical baby toys will enhance their learning experience in an amazing way.

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