Monday, June 18, 2012

The best baby toys for Summer


Summer is a great time for children—it’s full of discovery, playing outdoors and using the best baby toys. While it’s typically associated with vacation, for many parents, there’s an added pressure to create an environment and schedule that enhances their learning and development.

Summer is a time when parents want to plan many activities for their children. Whether your child is an infant, toddler or on break from pre-school, engaging them with musical baby toys is a spectacular way to boost their overall development.

Listening to baby music CDs is beneficial for children of all ages, but the activity itself doesn’t need to be limited to simply listening. Science has proven that children thrive when music is played. Instead of limiting their exposure to nighttime lullabies or inside activity, bring your iPod dock to the beach, pool or back yard with you and your child for some fun, bonding experiences. 

Children love to dance, move and sing along to baby music CDs, so bringing them outside with their favorite baby music will augment the benefits and give them a chance to run around and move if they’re already toddling. If they’re not, simply rocking them along to the music will encourage movement and laughter, while their other senses are being stimulated by the great outdoors. 

Music is the basis for some of the best baby toys available to parents. Whether they’re already in pre-school or still in the crib, exposing them to fun baby music helps instill a natural sense of rhythm and possibly even musical inclination. Simply moving to music helps them improve coordination and motor skills, and sets them up for positive socialization and self-expression.

You can boost your child’s development and pre-academic learning through regular play with musical baby toys. When they listen and start to sing along to a baby CD, they establish a foundation for learning language and speaking skills, as well as reading and comprehension. They’ll also start building a basis for reasoning and spatial-temporal skill, both of which are fundamental to learning math and science.

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