Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Music Toys are Fun and Developmental

At Baby Genius, we create amazing baby music CDs and musical baby toys that will entertain your baby or toddler for hours on end. Yet every single one of the toys in our product line do much more than that. Through the use of children’s songs and classical music, we’ve designed an array of products that assist with child development on many different, instrumental levels.

With classical music from composers like Mozart to favorite children’s songs and sing-alongs, you can get your infant or young child’s creative juices flowing while providing them with wide-ranging exposure to the music world. You can pop in one of our baby music CDs and sing to or dance along with your child—an activity that bonds and enhances the connection between you. In addition, baby music helps children to develop early musical inclinations. Since they learn to sing and dance just as easily as they learn to walk and talk, they can learn rhythm and increase their vocabulary through our brand of musical play. Plus, they’ll develop a passion for music that may lead to the development of a talent or hobby that becomes a healthy and important part of their life.

Baby Genius also creates stellar baby music DVDs and musical baby books to help foster creativity, self-expression and confidence, while helping children build social, cognitive and physical skills. By singing along with your child to whichever types of musical baby toys you choose, you’ll help them with comprehension and memory skills—and you’ll have fun together!

Watching the stunning visuals in our baby music DVDs also helps children associate words to their meanings. For example, our Underwater Adventures and Trip to the San Diego Zoo DVDs feature vivid visuals of animals, birds and underwater sea life that will stimulate your child’s mind and teach them the names of animals.

It’s time to get singing, laughing and dancing with your child!

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