Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby Music CDs and the Mozart Effect—Part 2

In our last blog post, we touched on some of the benefits that children’s songs and classical music have upon child development and intelligence, as well as the well-known implications of the “Mozart Effect.” Research findings about these myriad benefits and advantages created are part of the basis for the development of our stellar selection of baby music DVDs and other quality products for infants and toddlers.

A report published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience in 2010 provided analysis of all of the research that was performed by a group at Northwest University over the last two decades regarding the effect of everything from baby music to the classics. The report shows that music definitely has beneficial effects on the brain, improving literacy and reading comprehension, memory and focus, as well as language, vocabulary and speech skills. This information motivates many parents to employ baby music CDs and other musical baby toys during playtime as part of their child development activities.

It’s been found that listening and interacting with music, whether children’s songs or classical music, creates new neural connections or “pathways” in the brain. While simply listening increases the brain’s ability to adapt and change, further interaction allows for more connections to be made. When children dance and move around to music their socialization skills are ignited and they develop an outlet for self-expression that is comfortable and inspiring. An easy and fun way to encourage this is to pop one of Baby Genius’ baby music DVDs in your DVD player and watch your child react to the musical stimulation and accompanying visuals. For example, our Underwater Adventures DVD features colorful images and undersea life swimming accompanied by enchanting classical music. This type of product allows infants and children to enjoy positive stimulation through a rich sensory experience, while also helping them to associate certain visuals with their appropriate words and meanings.

Research performed at Brigham Young University found that music can even positively impact the physical development of premature infants. The sounds from baby music CDs can inspire movement and even the development of rhythm.

Aside from the educational and developmental benefits of baby music, there are also known effects on well-being that date back centuries—from lullabies to the classics, music has a calming and soothing effect on babies and toddlers, reducing stress and allowing them to relax and fall asleep. This effect extends all the way to adults—music can be used to unwind and meditate.  

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