Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Using children’s songs to brighten routines

Some of the greatest benefits of music can come from a child learning to sing or play children’s songs on an instrument. While an infant may not be quite ready to play scales or learn all the words to a song, there are definitely ways that you can expose your baby, toddler or young child to the wide-ranging benefits of baby music.

A great way to start is to incorporate music throughout your child’s day. Don’t just limit children’s songs to singing lullabies at bedtime! There are so many opportunities to take advantage of music. For example, if you’re trying to teach your child to do chores, than why not sing or play a song during chore time? This will make the actual chore much more fun—almost like a game. You can also integrate music during other routine parts of the day—during mealtime or bathtime, you can pop different baby music CDs in your stereo or mp3 player to make it fun. If your child is currently an infant, you could even play baby music while you’re changing their diaper.

If your child loves cartoons and other children’s programming, why not increase the brain building power of the television set by playing baby music DVDs? They won’t recognize the fact that they’re educational—though they will definitely learn to associate certain words with their appropriate meanings, develop rhythm, improve coordination, and increase their memory skills and vocabulary, among many other benefits.

Our A Trip to the San Diego Zoo DVD brings the world-famous San Diego Zoo to life for your child while helping them to learn the names of certain animals and brightly colored tropical birds. Plus, they even witness the birth of a baby panda! This is one of our most popular baby music DVDs and received the Parents Magazine “Video of the Year” Award. It’s a virtual musical menagerie for your child.

Simply listening to baby music CDs has benefits, and much research shows that many genres really help boost your child’s development. The complexity of classical music is known to significantly increase brain activity, but all other genres have something to offer as well. That’s exactly why Baby Genius strives to continuously develop stimulating baby CD products. We offer CDs like Favorite Counting Songs, Favorite Lullabies and Favorite Nursery Rhymes, as well as perfect introductions to the world of classical music with baby DVDs such as Mozart and Friends Sleepytime and The Four Seasons, both of which are also available in Spanish.

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