Monday, February 13, 2012

The Many Benefits of Baby Music & Children's Songs

Baby music helps create smart babies!
As a parent, you’re introduced to the benefits of singing children’s songs to your baby in the very early stages of their infancy—you quickly learn that lullabies calm down your baby and helps them get to sleep. Babies and toddlers love music and rhythm, often getting rocked to sleep as part of their nightly routine. From there, you may learn that playing baby music CDs can elicit joy and laughter, and it’s obvious that your child is stimulated by the sounds.

The benefits of children’s songs grow exponentially as your child grows. This is why Baby Genius makes it easy it is to bring music into children's lives. Music stimulates all the senses, while helping children learn to recognize patterns and sequence. Early exposure to music in particular promotes language, creativity, coordination, memory, and self-esteem. Even just dancing around to baby music CDs encourages socialization among young children.

The rich sensory environment created by educational baby DVDs filled with music helps children make connections between each part of their experience. They learn about different colors, sounds and visuals which forge understanding and pre-academic learning. Much research shows that when children regularly read musical baby books and dance along with baby CD products, they are more focused, have higher self-esteem and play well with others.

Whether your child dances and sings along with educational baby DVDs or musical baby books, their basic skills are enhanced—studies show that children exposed to music at an early age also do better in math and reading.

Some of the most interesting findings are that even adults benefit from singing or listening to children’s songs! In a recent study, the impact of a wide array of song lyrics upon adults were observed—everything from the National Anthem and Christmas carols to “Row, row, row your boat,” ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm,” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider” elicited positive responses across a diverse adult subjects. The adults were found to be more empathetic, accepting and happier after hearing the music. The theory behind this finding is that these songs activate memories of happiness from childhood, and elicit the same feeling that these adults experienced as children listing to their favorite baby CD.

It’s clear that play with Baby Genius products can be a great bonding experience for parent and child—but to discover that it can have even further positive effects on both is all the motivation you need to explore and discover our amazing line of baby DVD products, musical baby toys and the best baby music CDs.

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