Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby music not just about lullabies

Baby music is not just about lullabies—while it’s definitely known to calm infants down and lull them to sleep, there are many other benefits it has that enhance child development and educational efforts. Simply popping in a baby CD can help you communicate with your child while giving you something fun to participate in together. It’s pure Bonding 101 for parents and children!

The best baby music CDs will promote physical, emotional and mental development for infants, toddlers and children of all ages. While our first instinct may be to pop a baby CD in simply to soothe an infant, once you do so, you will be amazed at the effect that occurs. Infants and toddlers respond to children’s songs in a significant way. Whether they start to move, mumble or laugh, it’s obvious that they’re being stimulated in a positive way by the children’s songs they’re hearing.

Often times, an infant will be crying for what seems like eternity, despite being fed, changed and rocked. Yet once they hear baby music, they forget the cause or their tears and may stop crying altogether. While this is testament to the calming effect of baby music, it also displays the benefit that musical stimulation has upon a child.

Here are some tips for maximizing the benefits and enjoyment of the best baby music CDs:

Set aside a half hour per day to listen to a baby CD or work with other musical baby toys. Do this with your child so that you can bond as you experience the harmony together. Make sure to use baby music and not play the radio. Working with Baby Genius products is the best way to maximize this time, as we specifically inject educational elements into each of our musical baby toys.

Place your child where they are speakers on opposing sides of the room, so that your baby will basically be in the center of the room (not right next to the speakers, of course). This will augment the effect, as your child will be listening in stereo. You will see your baby turn its head from side to side and make more responses to the sounds. .

Do not use headphones on your child to listen to children’s songs—this can damage a child’s very sensitive hearing.

Keep in mind that baby music can relax both parent and child—so take some time out and enjoy.

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