Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Benefits of PLAY – Part 1

Did you know that play is incredibly beneficial for both you and your children? Many studies show the immense benefits that play has upon its participants. Baby Genius takes these factors and advantages into account when designing its full range of educational baby toys, including musical baby books, educational baby DVDs, baby CDs and other musical baby toys. This is part of the reason we’re known as the purveyor of the best baby toys available!

Play enables infants and toddlers to be comfortable with self-expression, and instills the ability to relax and de-stress. Play fosters the love of enjoyment and fun, therefore enhancing the quality of life. Look at how happy and giggly your baby or toddler gets when you flip through musical baby books together or sing along with one of our best baby music CDs! The fun they’re having is contagious and enables you to reduce tension and laugh as well.

The developmental benefits of our baby music toys and educational baby DVDs are also wide-ranging. The best baby toys feature fun elements that stimulate a child’s creativity, abstract thinking, imagination and problem-solving skills. Baby music CDs and baby DVDs that encourage singing along are great for memory development. You’ll have your own baby genius in no time when reading stories, playing with musical baby toys and listening to thebest baby music CDs. Cognitive development is enhanced in so many ways—by teaching empathy and demonstrating different perspectives. Your child will learn to master new concepts and be more imaginative as a result.

Stay tuned for our next post, which will discuss the other developmental benefits of play! Browse Baby Genius’ extensive collection of educational baby toys and baby music CDs at www.BabyGenius.com.     

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