Monday, June 27, 2011

Many More Benefits of Play

In our last Baby Genius blog post, we talked about some of the many benefits that play has upon both you and your children. That was hardly a comprehensive rundown of all the benefits, so we’re going to share even more reasons why working with educational baby toys like Baby Genius’ musical baby books, baby CDs, musical baby toys and educational baby DVDs can have such amazing effects.

Whether you and your child are wiggling to music on one of our best baby music CDs or singing along with a baby DVD, both their physical development and language skills will benefit. Moving to music helps with both gross and fine motor experiences, and can even assist with overcoming physical challenges. Listening to baby music CDs, playing with musical baby toys or singing along with musical baby books helps with building communication skills and expanding vocabulary, as well as the development of storytelling skills. Plus, it’s a definite stress reliever for mom or dad!

Some of our best baby music CDs will make you laugh and forget about any stress factors. Try Favorite Silly Songs, Preschool Favorites, Favorite Lullabies or one of our other amazingly fun baby music CDs. Or you can check out one of our educational baby DVDs like Baby Animals Favorite Sing-A-longs, Underwater Adventures or Mozart and Friends.

Stay tuned for more benefits of play, but the meantime, get playing! Browse our wide range of educational baby toys at

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