Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baby Toys for 3-6 month olds

We know educational baby toys are key for baby development, so we’re here to help you with your baby genius. Our educational baby DVDs, baby CDs, musical baby books and other musical baby toys are designed to help babies learn and develop while enjoying themselves. Our wide range of developmental baby toys includes baby music toys, baby CDs, educational baby DVDs and some of the best baby music CDs on the market!
When your infant is 3-6 months old, they should still play with their mobiles and rattles, but should be starting to reach for their toys on their own. It’s good to have toys with different textures, activity centers, and of course, teething rings. Baby music toys, musical baby books and educational baby DVDs are awesome for enhancing their hearing and listening skills. Watching lions, tigers and bears with our Animal Adventures DVD is an awesome way to stimulate both vision and hearing, as well a baby CD like Favorite Classical Tunes, Baby’s Favorite Songs and other baby music from Baby Genius’ best baby music CDs. And remember, developmental baby toys, baby DVDs and musical baby toys can be a great way to enhance the parent-child connection. Visit to browse our stellar collection at of the best baby music CDs, baby music toys, and other educational baby toys that help you with your baby genius!

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