Monday, November 21, 2011

Children’s songs enhance musical baby toys

Over the past few weeks, we’ve shared the many benefits of musical baby books and toys filled with children’s songs. With the holidays approaching, we’ve got some great suggestions for fun baby music toys that supplement the benefits garnered from working with our educational baby DVDs and baby CD products.

Children love the Baby Genius Musical Vacuum! They can dance to Mozart while emulating parents with this creative and inspiring musical baby toy. They can vacuum all around the room while listening to lots of fun children’s songs and enjoying light up notes and spinning action. Another favorite is our collection of Sea Life Bath Time Buddies, which make bath time fun for all. An imaginary water adventure ensues as the friendly dolphin leads all your child’s Baby Genius soft and colorful bath buddies through lots of fun water play.

Baby music lovers adore Old McVinko's Musical Farm. There is so much to do on this pretend farm, even parents forget this is one of our educational baby toys. Children can role play and enjoy endless imaginary fun while the Old McVinko song plays whenever the barn door opens.

If musical baby books are your child’s favorite, try one of the Baby Genius Sing-a-long board books! These colorful, developmental baby toys encourage parents and children to sing together as they read. To enhance the experience, each book offers a FREE MP3 baby music file to accompany it. Put it on your iPod or create your own baby music CDs from this bonus.

If your child favors young learner DVDs or baby CD products, there is an amazing array available, from Favorite Counting Songs and Underwater Adventures to Preschool Favorites and Favorite Classical Tunes.

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