Monday, November 14, 2011

What to buy for a baby shower

Stumped by what to get your friend or loved one for their baby shower? If you want to contribute to the making of a baby genius, we recommend you get them one of our educational baby DVDs, baby music CDs or musical baby books filled with children’s songs.

Developmental baby toys like the baby music CDs and educational baby DVDs we create provide a great combination of fun and learning. For example, singing along with children’s songs helps children with phonemic learning, vocabulary expansion and memory development. Reading along with musical baby books helps toddlers learn to read while developing their vocabulary and pronunciation at a faster pace.

Research shows that when children are exposed to fun toys that help with learning like the baby CD products we create at Baby Genius, they have an easier time grasping new ideas and concepts when they start school. Their creativity will be inspired and curiosity piqued more regularly, which will instill in them a greater desire to learn.

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