Monday, December 12, 2011

Why Children’s Songs Make Perfect Christmas Gifts

It’s a given that infants, toddlers and preschoolers all love children’s songs. Why not capitalize on the appeal to expand your child’s musical abilities and horizons with the gift of baby music for Christmas? By providing baby music CDs, you’re creating a simulating sensory environment for your children, which help to expand their senses and create stronger, more developed brain functions through neural connections between the cells and the actual brain.

When you watch children dance and sing along with a baby CD, it’s easy to see the connection they make to language, rhythm and beat. Their vocabulary expands, phonemic learning is enhanced, coordination is improved and motor skills are refined. Yet what you can’t see directly is what research shows—children who read along with musical baby books or play with musical baby toys also do better in math and reading comprehension, have stronger focus, and possess better social skills than those who do not regularly experience baby music.

When children dance along with children’s songs, they also learn about controlling their bodies and expressing themselves through movement. There are many ways to augment the experience. The next time you pop a baby CD in, add some props into the mix to make it a visual experience as well. Bring in stuffed animals, colored fabric and whatever else your child responds to. You can also teach them about the beat by making them move every time they feel it, or try different approaches like walking on their tip toes until they hear the song’s chorus or getting on their tiptoes when they hear the bridge. The options are limitless!

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