Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Children’s songs for Xmas?

Toddlers and children are natural storytellers, musicians and dancers. Rhyme and rhythm are innate traits that need to be evoked, and the best way to do that is through the use of children’s songs and baby music. So why not use this holiday gift-giving time to provide the important children in your life with the mental advantages that music can offer?

The best baby toys will stimulate the parts of the brain that are related to academic learning, such as reading, language, math and science, as well as emotional development. When a child watches a baby DVD, for example, they become immersed in a simulating sensory environment that helps to expand their senses and increase those essential neural pathways that connect the cells and brain. This significantly boosts their learning capabilities.

Toys that teach children’s songs to infants and toddlers helps them to develop their memory skills through repetition. The earlier you begin your child’s exposure to baby music, the sooner you will stimulate the different patterns of brain development. They will obviously learn how to pronounce words but will also develop other cognitive processes, as they learn to comprehend the meanings of the words, identify the patterns and sequences of rhyming, and understand the connection between the music and its beat.

Another reason why those that involve children’s songs make the best baby toys is more obvious, but has wide-ranging effects: vocabulary. It obviously expands as children to learn to sing along to the music, but it also enhances phonemic learning and reading comprehension. They also learn how tone affects meaning and develop excellent listening skills, which helps them later in life with further academic learning, as well as with social skills—everyone likes a good listener!  When they get to preschool or Kindergarten, they will have the confidence to sing along with the group, and through that experience, will develop important life skills, such as how to relate to others and teamwork.

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