Monday, November 5, 2012

Top 5 uses for baby music DVDs

If you’re a parent, by now you’ve probably found many uses for baby music DVDs. We’ve heard some interesting stories lately of how parents incorporate musical baby toys into their children’s lives, so thought we would share some of the most popular ways with you. Who knows—maybe this list will inspire some new ideas!

Lull that restless infant to sleep. Nothing puts babies to sleep faster than classic lullabies and children’s songs. Throw on a DVD and you’re infant’s senses will get a double whammy and they might just get to sleep that much faster. The snooze element is what makes the best baby toys even greater!

Master memory skills. Nothing helps children bolster their memorization skills more than the repetition of children’s songs! Listening to baby music may also set the stage for further musical training, as studies show that it continues to build memory and linguistic skills.

Boost children’s self esteem with a dance party. If your toddler is getting ready to start preschool, help them prepare to feel comfortable interacting with other children by playing baby music DVDs for them and encourage them to dance and wiggle around. Better yet, join them! When they see the characters on the DVDs moving around and acting silly, they’ll be inspired to join in on the fun. Then they’ll have no problem participating when their peers are having fun dancing around in music class.

Help children become bilingual. Many baby DVDs come in Spanish now too! This will help children learn proper pronunciation of Spanish words and expand their vocabulary even further.

Inspire a baby rock star! The best baby toys entertain, educate and cultivate talents. When children are exposed to musical baby toys at an early age, they are that much more apt to develop musical inclinations and talents, as well as a passion for the arts.

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