Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Get literal with baby music

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It’s true— baby music supports the development of reading and comprehension skills. Time and time again, research has shown that when parents play a baby CD for their infants and toddlers, these children benefit in multiple ways.  

For starters, it turns out that when children have a strong sense of rhythm and beat, they have an easier time learning to read—and have the potential to read very well. Very few of even the best baby toys can promise the level of entertainment and reading benefits that baby music provides.

When children listen to a baby CD, their senses are stimulated in an almost unparalleled way—simply listening helps them learn to identify patterns and sequences, which extends to several areas of academic learning. When they are a little older and start to sing along and move around to the music, then their body and ear learns to work together. This significantly boosts coordination and rhythm, while memory is improved and oral skills are enhanced. A no-brainer about baby music toys—if there is the potential for musical talents and inclination, early exposure will significantly enhance their abilities. In a sense, music can germinate and cultivate those talents, while instilling enthusiasm for the arts in general.

Musical baby books also offer another level of learning when it comes to reading. Having books sung to children helps them develop an ear for tone and enunciation while expanding their vocabulary and boosting reading comprehension skills.

The best baby toys not only keep children busy and entertained, they support a higher level of thinking and affect all areas of their growth, including intellectual, physical, social and emotional. The bottom line is, baby music CDs and other musical baby toys do exactly that—early exposure promotes creativity and social skills, as well as language development, self-confidence and memory. Few other toys can do all that!

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