Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10 reasons why musical baby toys are the best

Musical baby toys have a unique effect on a child’s one's physical, emotional and social development. When you look at research findings, it’s easy to see who so many parents think the best baby toys are the ones that feature music. Their benefits are wide-ranging and unrivalled when it comes to educational baby toys—they help prepare babies and toddlers for learning and keep them happy.

Here are some of the reasons why musical baby toys are so beneficial:

1.    Baby music provides a great way to bond with your child. Relationships are nurtured when we sing, dance and play together. Plus, it teaches children to listen, learn the meanings of certain words, build their pronunciation skills, and helps them understand the use of tone and elocution.

2.    Toys that include baby music inspire smiling, happy babies. Research shows that children who are exposed to music as babies smile more and communicate better.

3.    Singing along with baby music CDs helps to expand your child’s vocabulary and develop their memorization skills. 

4.    Research shows that baby music helps produce more neural pathways in the brain.

5.    Babies and toddlers improve their cognitive abilities by associating items with music and sounds.

6.    Dancing to baby music CDs helps children to improve coordination and motor skills, and develop a sense of rhythm. 

7.    Listening to a baby CD with music improves your child’s spatial reasoning and phonemic learning. 

8.    Musical baby toys help children build self-confidence, encourage curiosity and inspire a creative imagination. 

9.    Baby music can inspire a passion for the arts and develop the potential for musical abilities and talent. Who knows—you may have a Baby Beethoven in your family!

10. Only the best baby toys can do it all—promote social interaction, build memory and develop important learning processes, all while keeping children happy and entertained. This is exactly why musical baby toys are considered the best!

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